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  1. toad_uk

    Hearing loss

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this, but it seems the closest. I have taken the SoundGym hearing test and the highest frequency I can hear in both ears is just above 11kHz. I guess one good thing is that both ears have roughly the same range. I was just wondering if anyone else...
  2. toad_uk

    Long Way Down

    Hi all. Long time since I've been here, so a bit cheeky asking for feedback. Will give some soon though, promise. Main thing I'm interested in is sibilance, or over compensating for it at the start of the first verse. I think I sound like Sylvester the Cat. My girlfriend can't tell now as she...
  3. toad_uk

    Separate Log In for Recording

    Hi folks Apologies if this had been answered elsewhere (I've looked and can't find anything) I was just wondering if it was possible with Windows 10, to set up a separate user login which did not load McAfee, had wireless enabled etc. for recording. If possible I want to avoid a dual boot and...
  4. toad_uk

    Audio glitch at media item joins

    Hi Not posted here for a long time. Hopefully I can get some advice. I have a Reaper project with a couple of tracks containing 2 and 4 bar drum loops repeated over most of the song and one or two three or four bar guitar parts scattered throughout the project. I also have a bass guitar and...
  5. toad_uk

    New Song - Opinions Please

    Hi all, I would appreciate it if you could take a listen and give me any opinions etc. Many thanks in advanced.
  6. toad_uk

    upgrading advice

    Hi Guys I am currently using a Roland VS880EX. Would like more tracks, what do you guys suggest. Have considered a second hand VS1680 or a Zoom R24. Thing that puts me off Zoom 24 is lack of midi, would sometimes like to sync my Yahmaha SY85 seqencer with the recorder. I also read that with the...
  7. toad_uk

    Acousticy Thing

    Please have a listen to my acousticy thing and let me know what you think. I know there's some timing issues, I'm not going for ana very produced sound, not quite lo-fi but sort of retro and a bit raw. Many thanks. 03 - Moving On (Again) - Cirrus - In The Clouds by Company of Artful Jesters on...
  8. toad_uk

    Trying to improve drum sound

    I'd appreciate you opinions on my drum sound and whether it's better than on my earlier stuff. I've had a go at tuning the drums, this is the first time I've ever tried it. I've tightened the snare wires you suggested Greg. I've also played with the EQ. Someone here suggested boosting the 200hz...
  9. toad_uk

    Another Song - Opinions Please

    Thought you guys might get fed up with yet another version of I Know so I thought I'd get some opinions on this on, especially thoughts on the drums please. Sorry Greg but there's more guitar wanking :guitar:, but I'd appreciate your opinions on the drums please, as I would Jimmy and everyone...
  10. toad_uk

    I Know - new mix

    Feedback on my earlier said my drums where boxy and muddy and the kick was low. I tried a fix eq the whole mix last time, this time I've remixed and eq'd the drums and add some parallel compression to the snare and kick. i'd much appreaciate some feedback please. Many thanks in advance. Artful...
  11. toad_uk

    Attempt at fixing a mix

    From feedback from my last track (Cheeky request post) and listening to a lot of stuff here I realised that my other mixes where muddy and the drums boxy. I've add some EQ to my track on my last post (appreciated if you could take a listen) and have played about with EQ on this other mix and...
  12. toad_uk

    Cheeky Reqest

    I realise it's a bit cheeky asking for you to take the time to listen to this, since I've not been on the board and given anybody else any feedback for a long while; but i just wondered if anyone could have a listen to this excerpt and tell me what they think. I thought I'd get my old school...
  13. toad_uk

    Mono Mixes

    With music released in the 60s, I've noticed that a lot of people say they much prefer the mono mixes of many classic albums. I realise that an element in this is the fact that a lot of the stereo mixes have drums and bass panned far left and all the vocals over to the right, and things like...
  14. toad_uk

    Recording Drums

    I've been experimenting with the Glyn Johns recording method. I've found that If I have the left hand overhead mic (the one above the sanre) higher than the crash cymbal it sounds 'gongy'. If I lower the mic level with the cymbal I get the sound I want from the cymbal, the only thing is that now...
  15. toad_uk

    open method

    I have not been drumming long and have been playing the cross over hand way (left hand snare right hand hi hat). I've just read about the open style, have tried it, but it feels like starting to learn all over again. Just wondered how many of you guys use this method and is it worth 're-learning'.
  16. toad_uk

    Feedback on new song please

    Hi everyone. I would really appreciate it if you could take a listen to my song and give me some feedback please. It's called "Love & Peace" and I'm going for a retro sixties sound and feel. Many thanks in advanced.
  17. toad_uk

    Harvey Vinson Books

    Hi, Does anyone put there own the Lead Guitar and Bass Guitar books by Harvey Vinson. The disks that came with mine jump and I was wondering if anyone had the CD versions and would by willing to rip them to mp3 or wma and e-mail them to me. Thanks in anticipation.
  18. toad_uk

    Mixing Feedback Please

    Hi folks. I would much appreciate some feedback on my mixing. Please don't judge the songs too harshly (they're some I wrote with a band I was in when I was 16 and had been playing for about 18 months) I just wondered what they'd sound like if I recorded them now to practice my mixing. I'm...
  19. toad_uk

    Power Supply for VS 880 EX Cd Burner

    Hi folks, One of the pins on the plug from my power supply for my cd rw has broken. I've tried contacting QPS and Roland support by e-mail and have had no reply about where to get a new supply unit or the parts to repair mine. Even the shop were I bought it have had no luck. Has anyone any...
  20. toad_uk

    System Overload

    I'm using an Audiophile 2496 soundcard with Logic Delta. When I try to play the demo song which comes with it Logic Delta I keep getting the following message: System Overload. The audio engine was not able to process all required data in time. (-10011) When I click on the continue butin on...