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  1. Vagodeoz

    Good live mix for DVD

    Hey people. Some months ago I recorded a local metal festival in multitrack, and now we are editing a DVD for it. When I started making rough mixes of the material, I was surprised of how good it sounded. Like "wow, that doesn't sound live at all, it sounds more like a recording in a studio"...
  2. Vagodeoz

    Drumagog as live drum module?

    I have been using drumagog in the studio for ages, and it works great, but I wanted to use triggers for live gigs. The "regular" way is to buy the pads and the sound module, but that's not cheap (costs about the same as my drum set). So I was thinking about using my laptop to run the triggers...
  3. Vagodeoz

    Sending Phantom Power into Direct Outs

    Hello people! I'm having some serious doubts and I was hoping you guys could help me. My problem is this: I have a Behringer Xenyx 2442FX Mixer, and a Tascam 1641 USB recording interface, and for live gigs, I wanted to record multitrack from my mixer, to my Tascam, which has 8 Mic inputs, plus 6...
  4. Vagodeoz

    How to isolate the tracks of an orchestra from a drumkit playing with it?

    I have to mike a 90 piece orchestra, and my biggest problem is that I will be playing the drums on the same stage, at no more than 15 foot away from the orchestra. And we play symphonic black metal, so drums aren't exactly quiet... So anyway, I have seen in some similar concerts that they use...
  5. Vagodeoz

    Best way to get "analog" sound

    If you could only choose one part of the audio chain to make it analog or tube, to compensate with the coldness of the "digitalness" of the other gear, which one would you choose?
  6. Vagodeoz

    Erase please

    Double post
  7. Vagodeoz

    Tube mike VS. Mike with tube pre-amp

    Obviously comparing models from the same price range, what's best? A "regular" mike with a tube pre-amp? or a Tube Mike with a "regular" pre-amp?
  8. Vagodeoz

    Eee PC for multitrack recording?

    Hi people. Most of you are probably aware of Asus' 400$ laptop. It's supposed to be the most wanted laptop for the X-mass season. Anyway, I'm wondering how usable it is for multitrack recording. Mixing takes a lot more resources, and that would be done in my desktop pc. It would only be for...
  9. Vagodeoz

    Digital Reference DRM4 (Drum Mics)

    Hello people. I was checking out some cheap drum kick microphones (around 50-70$) and then I though about getting a bundle with 3 tom mikes with drum mounts that costs a couple more bucks. So this looks like the best option. Has anyone had any experience with these mikes?
  10. Vagodeoz

    Analog Synth Solo Wanted!!

    I already posted on the guitar section and invitation for some people to record a couple of guitar solos for my upcoming cd. I love Analog Synth solos, and I don't think any Symphonic Black Metal band has ever used one, so I was thinking.. hell... why not? So if there is any talent out there...
  11. Vagodeoz

    OSP DK-7 (Cheap kick mic bundle)

    Has anyone tried this brand? It seems to be a new and good. I was checking out their 50$ kick mike, but with 100$ more I get a full case, 4 more dynamics and 2 condensers... Or any recommendations on any similar priced package?
  12. Vagodeoz

    Guitar Hero Wanted

    Hey guys! I was thinking if any of you guys would like to record a couple of solos as guests for my cd? :) The genre is symphonic black metal, it's a two man band, the singer, and I who do the music and record all instruments, but, as you can hear, I S-U-C-K at solos, so... anyone interested...
  13. Vagodeoz

    Alesis Multimix 16 Fw or Behringer Xenyx 2442Fx w/ Delta 1010 Lt

    What would be the best set-up for recording multitrack? An Alesis Multimix 16 or a Behringer Xenyx 2442Fx mixer with a M-Audio Delta 1010 lt interface? Or maybe an equivalent option for the price? Min 8 simultaneous recording tracks.
  14. Vagodeoz

    M-Audio Delta 1010 Lt and Behringer Xenyx 2442Fx

    Not really selling them yet, but I'm considering it for upgrading my recording gear. Any offers? How much would you pay for them? Both have no more than 3 months of light use and are in perfect conditions. Musiciansfriend's prices and reviews: Behringer mixer M-Audio Interface
  15. Vagodeoz

    Cassette porta studios good enough for classical music?

    I have a Tascam 414 mkII and I recently did a work with it, recording a chamber orchestra (only strings) and a choir. It sounds warm like hell. Yes, it lacks a bit (bunch) in the upper end frequencies, but it has a great tone and character. And I will probably will be doing some more orchestral...
  16. Vagodeoz

    Cassette porta studios good enough for classical music?(delete please)

    (I h8 my ISP for making me double post)
  17. Vagodeoz

    Powering Tascam 414 mkII through 6v batteries

    I got hold of 2 6v batteries, and my Tascam 414 mkII works with 12v, so I can't stop thinking.... Can anyone tell me if the batteries can properly work with the 414? or if it will blew it away? It's atomlux and their only specifications are "6V, 4.2 Ah"
  18. Vagodeoz

    Power supply?

    What are those power supplies that comes with some mikes. Why aren't they just phantom powered? I know some tube mikes has the tube in it, but is it like that with all of them? If it has a power supply it's a tube mike?
  19. Vagodeoz

    200$ DAW surface controller

    I think that is going to be my X-mass present instead of the snake I was planning to get. Or maybe I'll grab the DMP3... Anyway, I'm buying sooner or later a surface controller for my Sonar/Nuendo. These are the options within my budget I found. The BCF2000 is the only one with 8 faders, but the...
  20. Vagodeoz

    Metal Mixing Standarts

    I recently saw someone in this forum talking about people who cuts everything between 80 Hz and 4 Khz on the kicks. Every style has it's own mixing standarts, but I'm not too familiar with the ones from metal. If a person doesn't like them that's a different matter. I personally don't base...