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    'Wireframe' my EP featuring frying pans and other experimental stuff

    Hey guys, probably nobody remembers me on these forums :D I was a super super noob back in the days I was on this forums and since then I have improved a little (read: a lot) bit. Anyway, I have been making experimental electronic music under the name Wyrok, and just released my first EP...
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    GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Owners

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if many people on this forum own the GoPro, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I'm kind of interested in the GoPro and was wondering what you think of it, what you like, what you don't etc. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you
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    Performing Solo With a looper

    Hello, I recently ordered an Boss RC3 to play live. I'm wondering if someone has some tips about using/performing live with loopers, as I'm not too familiar with them. Would I be able to go from verse to prechorus etc? Thanks
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    Indie review sites

    Does anyone know good indie music review sites? Thank you
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    My Debut Album is Out! 20 free copies!

    Hello, I've just released my first album and I'm giving 20 copies away on my Facebook page! If you want one, head over to it and share my status! I'll be giving the codes out soon.
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    14-yo Making Instrumental Music!

    Hi everybody, My name is Taka Perry and I'm a 14-year-old musician. I've just finished my EP, 'Fight or Flight!' and I'm planning to release it on Bandcamp on May 6. I wrote and recorded everything at home. Here's one of the tracks that will be on the EP...
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    Natural Drum Kit

    Anyone heard anything about this? 19GB of drum samples for $129. Sounds pretty good! NDK Natural Drum Kit
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    What genre would you call this song?

    Hi, What genre would you say my song is? Cheers
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    SEO Question

    Hey, I don't if there are any SEO gurus on the forums, but basically heres the thing. I want my website to be the first result when people google my name, but right now I have my Twitter, FB, SoundCloud and Bandcamp on top. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks!
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    Good Tumblr Themes for Music

    Hi, I just set up a domain with tumblr ( I was wondering if any of you know good themes for a musician to use on Tumblr. I also don't wanna pay $50 for one. Thanks.
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    Endless Vacation (Rock Instrumental)

    Hey guys, Made this a couple of days back! Please give me your thoughts :) Thank you! :D Also, in your opinion, what genre is this song? Thank you
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    Post-Rock Anyone?

    I'm trying to write some songs in this genre, but it's very hard. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to write, or tips on how to write this genre? Thanks!
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    How to get music heard?

    Hi, How can I get my song out there? I feel like I'm making some good stuff, but it's not reaching it's full potential in terms of publicity. If there are any tips you guys have it would be great to know. Thanks :)
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    My new song, Smoke Screen

    Hi everyone! I'm back and I've written this song. I wanted to know what your thoughts are on my track. I would appreciate any feedback, whether it's about mixing or lryics! Thanks :D :) Lyrics: It's time to wake up And see what you have done...
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    Do all songs have chord proggressions?

    Like listening to Schism, Pot, Etc. I can't imagine them having a chord progression.
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    Bass VSTi

    Hi, I wanna get a better bass guitar sound from my recordings. Can anyone point me towards some decent Bass VSTi's or sample packs? I'm asking because buying a bass is out of the question for me. Thanks.
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    Who lives in Canberra

    Who lives here? I wanna know if there's any other Canberrans on the forums ^_^
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    9-42 for Drop D

    I ordered a 9-42 set of guitar strings, and now I'm worried that I won't be able to play in Drop D because of the lower tension in the strings. Does anyone here have any experience with Drop D in 9-42 strings. Thanks.
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    Mobile Version Problem

    On my iPod, I can't edit posts and it can be annoying because I find myself tapping the Quick Reply button accidentally a lot.
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    Difference between Neck and Middle

    I have a dual humbucker guitar with a 3-way tone switch. The bridge sounds very different to the other two, but the middle and neck sound pretty similar. Is this ok? I will post more details if you want.