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    Some 12-string jangle! Mix opinions please...

    I decided to give my Musicvox 12-string electric a workout and did this little instrumental! Any opinions much appreciated! :unsure:
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    My annual Xmas tune! Sleigh Bells... guitar instrumental

    Here's my Christmas tune for this year! This is 12 now, so I must do a Christmas compilation... I did a little video to go along with it. Please let me know if it sounds ok! Sleigh Bells - YouTube
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    Instrumental Guitar tune - EVH tribute?

    Hey all! I started working on a little instrumental to test out a new guitar when EVH suddenly passed away... I decided to put some two handed tapping stuff in as a nod to Eddie. But it mostly just sounds like me. :) Any comments on composition or mix appreciated? Maybe it needs more...
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    My epic prog tune LOL, mix opinions please! E Phrygian Dominant of course! :-)

    I just bought the four disc set of Rick Wakeman's Journey to the Center... and I thought "I should do something synthey like that". Is it an epic masterpiece? Pretentious montrosity? I dunno... But how does the mix sound? Any opinions appreciated! Thanks!
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    Kind of twangy Christmas guitar instrumental - with wacky intro

    I do a Christmas tune every year and this is this year's. I'd like some opinions on the mix/composition/playing maybe? :guitar: Yeah so the intro... I was at this Goodwill type place and found a 60's toy air powered organ, and of course decided to put it in my tune! It's only like 15...
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    First mix of instrumental guitar tune - opinions appreciated! :-)

    Please let me know how the mix sounds! Compositional opinions welcome also! Issue Zero Mix 1 by gary-trithart | Gary Trithart | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Hopelessly Devoted remake - mix opinions please!

    I had this strange urge- to do a remake of Hopelessly Devoted To You. So here it is! Naturally I had to add a guitar solo...:guitar: I do all the music tracks and a very talented friend handled the vocal. Would love some opinions if you have a minute!
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    A Frosty jazzy Christmas guitar instrumental - mix opinions please!

    I do a Christmas tune every year, and this is the latest one. How does the mix sound? Some people have issues with my jazzy (weird?) chord substitutions.. What do you think please! :listeningmusic:
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    First Video - 12th St Station Blues

    People tell me.. you need to do a video to go with your music! So this is my first video, just me playing the song in my studio...
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    12 St Station Blues - final mix?

    I previously posted a mix of this tune and got some suggestions... I actually shot a little video for it, so maybe I should put this in the video forum, but I'm interested in mix opinions.. :D How does it sound, and/or look I guess?
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    12th Street Station Blues - mix opinions please!

    I'd like to get some opinions on my mix for this tune please! It's my first tune with my new 12 string electric... :guitar:
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    Blues rock track - My Ship is Comin' in!

    The latest mix, of my latest track.. Please let me know if I've made grave mixing errors! :-)
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    My remake of Bluesbreakers "Hideaway"

    I listened to the Bluesbreakers with Clapton album soon after I started playing guitar, and this track called Hideaway especially just blew me away! I never really learned how to play it however, so now I kind of did, and recorded it. It's not really an artistic thing where I reinterpret it and...
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    Holiday instrumental.. "Christmas Stalking"

    Any comments welcome.. thanks!
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    So.. I'm a guitarist and I was trying to learn some basic slap bass techniques.. I started recording some and thought hey.. I can make a tune out of this! I was going for kind of the cheesy 70s space funk sound, I don't know if it really sounds like that.. LOL! Any opinions on mix or...
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    Jazz-pop tune.. mix opinions please!

    Here's my latest tune.. first mix. Yes I know my vocals are a bit weak and I rely on pitch correction.. I've got new vocal chords on back order from Musician's Friend.. :facepalm: Guitar solos are the most important thing.. right! :D
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    "live" and untitled! My latest tune..

    I heard a band in a bar do a tune with a groove like this, so I decided to give it a try, and also make it sound like its being played in a bar! Silly huh? :facepalm: It has no title as yet, any ideas welcome! Also general opinions welcome..
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    Some "spaced out music"!

    Just spacing out lately working on this, some cool chord changes I think.. How's the mix?
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    I Got What I Asked For.. jazzy - bluesy pop song - Mix opinions please!

    This is the first mix of this, would like some opinions.. Vocal is me, it's all I've got, so can't improve that much! ;) How does the mix sound??
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    A little guitar instrumental 4U.. How's the mix?

    Any comments appreciated.. Thanks!