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  1. Track Rat

    New Guitar Day

    It's been a while. Recently picked up a couple of new guitars for the Harem. A Custom Shop Pro PurpleBurst and a Gold Top with P-90's,
  2. Track Rat

    Guerilla Recording with 16 Bit ADATs

    This is a friend of mine's band. I tracked this in a guy's basement with two 16 bit ADATs. It's a live take with the guitar lead the only dub. Waddaya think?
  3. Track Rat

    It's been a while

    I hesitate to put this up but what the hell. I haven't been around here in a long while. Lots of personal problems. But I've ben trying to get back into things. I've been playing with some friends and one of them (Jan Marks) penned this one which I tracked, arranged and also played on. If you...
  4. Track Rat

    ZupaNova - Killin It [BustardzZ Remix]

    Nope. I don't think I will.
  5. Track Rat

    RIP Johnny Winter

    Just read that Johnny Winter just died. Saw him play many times. Another legend gone.
  6. Track Rat

    Too Many Guitars??

    Of course we know that this is impossible, BUT, according to the flow chart I may still need a few more.
  7. Track Rat

    More Cat Stevens Tribute

    Saw another thread with a Cat Stevens tune for his induction into the RHF. Me too. I did this with a friend who sang it and my son and I did the instruments and backing vox. Trouble.
  8. Track Rat

    Things You Will ever Hear At A Sound Check

    Things you will NEVER hear at a sound check. I ran up on this and thought I'd share. I bet Henry can relate. From the band leader: The levels are perfect! Wow, that didn't take long! Whatever it says on the sound plot I sent you is exactly what we need. No worries, we can skip...
  9. Track Rat

    New Something Time

    Well. The day I've long dreaded has come. The computer that is the heart of my system is getting hinky and I believe is on its way to that BIG STUDIO IN THE SKY. In its former life it was an edge server for Pipeline (a cable modem server) so it was a helluva rack mounted machine. It has been...
  10. Track Rat

    For My Very Good Friend, Larry Lynch

    On November 29, 2012, my long time, very good friend and bandmate, Larry Lynch passed away from a massive heart attack. It's been a long week for his family and close friends. Larry was the bass player in my band for many years and a heavy weight in the St Louis music sceen . He's played with...
  11. Track Rat

    I'll Play The Blues For You

    I like to let the recorder run when we practice. I got this the other night. Mike Greenup - N o W h e r e R a d i o . c o m
  12. Track Rat

    RIP Jon Lord of Deep Purple

    The seeming endless parade of musicians to die this year continues. Jon Lord of Deep Purple has passed away. Deep Purple Co-Founder Jon Lord Dead At 71 - Music, Celebrity, Artist News |
  13. Track Rat

    RIP Bob Welch

    This has been a bad year for music. Bob Welch has joined the long list of musicians to die this year.
  14. Track Rat

    RIP Donald "Duck" Dunn

    Man this years has been crazy so far. Another great has passed away. index
  15. Track Rat

    RIP Levon Helm

    Man, it seems the good ones are all dying. Levon Helm Studios ~ Home of The Midnight Ramble
  16. Track Rat

    RIP Earl Scruggs

    All the great ones are dying off. His music was part of the sound track of my youth. Earl Scruggs, Dead at 88, Pioneered a Banjo Style Imitated but Never Equaled - The Daily Beast
  17. Track Rat

    RIP Ronnie Montrose

    Ronnie Montrose dead at age 64. Bummer.
  18. Track Rat

    More Bad Weather In St Lou

    It's 5:30 AM where I am and they're saying on the news that there's 2" hail and high winds headed this way. It's going to be a long day. I've been fixing storm damage all week.
  19. Track Rat

    I Love My Wife

    The wife wanted to sell some of her old jewelry at this shop here in town and instead of cash, she brought this home instead. It's a Breedlove AD200/SM. This thing plays like butta.
  20. Track Rat

    Another Sunrise

    This is another tune that's part of a project I've been working on with a group of Viet Nam vets. The lyrics are by a great guy I know only as Wild Bill. I tried to put some chords around what he wrote. He plays bass on this one. I thought I'd put this one up as Veterans Day is upon us...