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  1. MG Eddie

    I got my icicle to work!

    Yeah for me I got my new toy(icicle) to work. I heard allot of people on various forums saying that the asio drivers wouldn't work w usb mic's. So my conclusion is that these people where stupid or misinformed, I'll let you be the judge. Here are some screen shots for reference.
  2. MG Eddie

    How to get a usb mic converter to monitor?

    I got the blue icicle for x-mas. (yes I know I already posted this on a different thread). Well I'd figure another route. I already know that the icicle is the input and since it has no output, the computer is the default out. Is there a way to monitor using a usb mic or usb mic converter? Also...
  3. MG Eddie

    Blue icicle latency w/ reaper.

    Ok so I got a blue icicle interface for x-mas. it works and all but there is some serious latency issues to overcome first. From what I understand the icicle is an input only and so the sound has to come from the computers internal interface. Is anyone aware of a way to use the icicle and hear...
  4. MG Eddie

    Blue spark promotion?

    I heard a rumor that If you buy a blue spark as of oct 1st you get the encore 100i free. can anyone corroborate this or have any info about it?
  5. MG Eddie

    Selling song as a commercial jingle

    Ok so I want to know if anyone has any tips or ideas on selling/marketing a song as a jingle, for use in tv/radio commercials?
  6. MG Eddie

    Time to start a new poll?

    how many polls do we need in one section and why? They all seem so frivolous and unneeded.
  7. MG Eddie

    Favorite bass guitar pedals?

    Ok so I'd like to get some pedals for my bass rig. Nothing too pro just fun bass pedals that you enjoy. Any recommendations?
  8. MG Eddie

    G uitar without an ouput jack ground?

    Ok everyone so I just bought a 1965 Teisco MJ-2L. It has obviously been used but I only paid 40$ for it and thought I'd try and fix it up a bit and bring it back to former glory. After I opened up the body cavity everything seemed like it was in good working order(the shop I bought it from said...
  9. MG Eddie

    Nasal vox recording remedies?

    I sing and play the guitar at the same time when recording because this is how the songs are performed. Because I'm playing and singing at the same time its more difficult to raise my soft palate to get rid of the nasal sound(I normally sing with my soft palate raised when i'm not playing...
  10. MG Eddie

    building a guitar

    Ok so i'm building a knock off les paul and i got this really beautiful neck. The only issue with the neck is that is an 1/8th of an inch too thin to fit into my guitar body. Does anyone know if you can shim it and have good results?
  11. MG Eddie

    1 humbucker vs. 2 single coils

    Ok so I have a tele with single coils that I usually play with the switch in the center position using both pickups simultaneously. What is the difference between this and using a guitar with just 1 humbucker?
  12. MG Eddie

    Extending guitar pickup leads

    Ok so I've read that you can extend guitar pickup leads by twisting the wires together and putting some heat shrink tubing over the top of it to keep it from arc-ing. Do you have to do this with each individual lead or can you just strip all of them bare and twist them together?
  13. MG Eddie

    Midiman audio buddy

    Does anyone know if this is a good buy or have any suggestions for a 2 channel external phantom power unit? The pros I saw in this one were that GC has it for 50$ and it functions as a extra gain stage in case more signal is needed.
  14. MG Eddie

    Cleaning 1/4 in. inputs

    Does anyone know a good way of cleaning 1/4 in. inputs on a guitar amp? I've already gone and tore the whole thing apart so that I could clean the pots with contact spray. Any help would be appreciated.:eek:
  15. MG Eddie


    Ok so auto-tune, minor annoyance or sinister plot?
  16. MG Eddie

    What is your favorite drum machine for recording?

    Ok I don't use drum machines a lot but I have a yamaha dd65 that I use from time to time and I like it. Most people who hear it don't realize that its a drum machine unless they have some kind of music/recording background. With that said what kind of drum machines do you like to use for...
  17. MG Eddie

    Can't hear click track in reaper w/o the guitar sounding like crap.

    Ok so I'm using reaper through a m-audio fast track pro. I figured out how to create a click track; insert to click source then right click to source properties to customize. The thing is that during normal tracking w/o the click track everything sounds fine and goes smoothly. When I try to...
  18. MG Eddie

    Problems with the e609 silver

    Is anyone familiar with the sennheiser e609, I've had mine a little over 3 years and its in good condition. When I last tried to use it to record it sounded like there was a band width inside the mic dedicated to distorted hissing and this just started to happen. Any thoughts?
  19. MG Eddie

    Problems with the e609 silver

    I got a sennheiser e 609 silver and that I've had a little over 3 years. In it's life it really hasn't gotten a whole lot of use, its always been kept in good shape and never been dropped. When I was using it to record earlier today I kept getting a distorted hissing sound when I was sound...
  20. MG Eddie

    Can a Tascam portastudio 424 MK11 be used as a interface to a DAW?

    Ok so my first recording console(setup) was a Tascam portastudio 424 MK11 and I'd like to know if it can be used as a interface for a DAW. Don't get me wrong I loved using this machine(and still have it) its just that I'm going to need more than 4 channels total for my project. The only reason...