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  1. Dicus

    Two IndiePop Summer Tracks

    Hurts Allright / She's Everywhere is out now! Two new bright and sunny vibed tracks to celebrate summer and the beauty within it! The first track, Hurts Allright, I wrote in Lebanon, while on tour with the Seagulls. When I could not think of a better place to be, but also missed home. It's about...
  2. Dicus

    What if I like the sound of my clipping interface?

    As a general rule I have always gainstaged my interface so it doesn't clip. But ever since I have got this this Focusrite Clarrett interface I really enjoy the clipping sound on bass guitar and kick, I goove around with it for a bit and then turn it down cause I feel I should. Afterwards I often...
  3. Dicus

    Thoughts about Micing and Mixing two acoustic guitars, Folk-type music

    Hi Folks, I am planning to record a couple of songs with two acoustic guitars and two vocals. My go-to setup for acoustic guitar is usually two mics (often the same, sometimes different ones) one at the brigd one at the 12/14th fret and pan them hard left and right. But for this record I would...
  4. Dicus

    Feedback on Mix and Master ElectroPop

    I released two songs a couple of weeks ago and listening back I am shure there is lots that could be improved. It just get's harder and harder to hear it after months of mixing and mastering. Any feedback would be massively appreciated! Pieter David - Blame Game / Icarus
  5. Dicus

    Advanced(-ish) Electrical wiring and earthing for studio questions

    So after finishing my studio in which I tried to the electrics to the best of my abilities I still have got some questions that I can't easily find answers to. Underlying problems that might be solved this way are: * I sometimes get shocks from my SM58 * One of my to stratocasters picks up...
  6. Dicus

    My first fully homemade recording just released. Would love feedback!

    Hi guys (and girls), It's been ages since I was on this forum, but you guys helped me along so much when I was just finding my first headphones, speakers and interface. Last weekend I released my first track together with a friend of mine, an electronic instrumental with quite some "real"...
  7. Dicus

    Electrical system for studio, tips, tricks, advice?

    I'm able to redo a lot in the current room I use for studio (whooopwhooop). There are two 'fake' walls with a lot of room behind them which I will be removing. All of the sockets and the light switch are in the two walls I will be removing. This leaves me with the chore (and the opportunity) to...
  8. Dicus

    Quantum Acoustics or Quackery? Any thoughts?

    Online I stumbled upon this video which discusses the acoustic treatment of Hybrid Studios: Studio Acoustic Treatment & Design w/ Hanson Hsu - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro - YouTube Looked really cool so I thought I'll check it out. The acoustic treatment dude from the company Delta H...
  9. Dicus

    Feedback on lyrics of released EP

    Hey Guys, End of march my band and I released our first EP. And we are working on writing for the next EP. I play the drums but also do a big portion of the song writing among which about 70% of the lyrics. I really want to learn and keep getting better at it. So any help/advice/tips etc is...
  10. Dicus

    Troubleshooting Tascam US-1800

    Hey Guys, For the last time I've had some trouble with latency issues and audio pops and crackles, whatever settings I used I could not fixed it. When I swapped my old windows machine for a newer and powerfull macbook pro I hoped to have all the trouble fixed. But i still have either pops and...
  11. Dicus

    Building new audio computer, what should I pay focus to?

    Probably this question has been asked a thousand times. 7yrs ago I built the computer I use now. But it starts to have more and more audio glitches even if my projects use only about 5 tracks. I would like to be able to play around more with live effects like reverbs over voice and such...
  12. Dicus

    Feedback problems on vocal mic in practice room

    In my small studio I also weekly practice and write with my band. Small room with drumkit two guitar amps and bass even if I'm holding back on the drumkit still gets pretty loud. The problem is that vocals can't go as loud as would be nice in the mix. In some practice rooms I have been this...
  13. Dicus

    Bash this mix: Orginal Rock song live studio mix Hey Guys, My band is doing a big dutch band competition and we are with the best 100 for which we had to write a song about freedom. We had to do this live in the studio (we only retracked the bass guitar, but don't tell anyone...). I had a lot of bleed in...
  14. Dicus

    Glitches since I changed from 32bit to 64bit

    One week ago I changed from 32 to 64bit to be able to use more internal memory. I also upgraded from 4 to 8gb(max my motherboard can handle) of internal memory. And had hoped that latency would be less and that my computer would be faster to use for mixing and recording. However it glitches...
  15. Dicus

    Looking for interface that also makes live mixes without latency, for live recordings

    Hey guys, Currently I use the TASCAM US-1800 which works great for recording drums, guitars and vocals seperatly. However we, as a band, want to get more into vlogging and would like to record more of our tracks live. I have tried to use live monitoring with the TASCAM but it only has one...
  16. Dicus

    Why is the volume of other tracks so much higher then mine?

    Hey guys, I hope the following question has to do with mastering. Cause all though I try I might not have totally grabbed the difference between mixing and mastering. In the mixing process I tried to have none of my tracks clipping so all of them beneath +12 (I use reaper so I just move...
  17. Dicus

    Latest version of Pop-Rock original: Afterwords. Your feedback is awesome!

    Hey guys, Here is the latest version in which I tried to use all your feedback. Especially the drums did improve much, parallel compression worked incredibly well, also on the bass which got much tighter. I also compressed the vocals some more and did a little autotune/manial tuning to it. The...
  18. Dicus

    Pop-Rock song: Afterwords - Mix feedback much appreciated!

    Hey guys, I'm drummer and songwriter in the band Kurt Rosa. And I'm trying to take up producing our own demos. Our first one is afterwords, feedback on my mixing, mastering and recording is much appreciated! Thanks already!
  19. Dicus

    Does anyone know the name for this beat?

    As a drum teacher I come across a lot of different beats, and most of them I can name in a certain genre or with a name for the beat. The next beat (see picture) is used among many other songs in Justin Biebers' song Sorry (which is, spare me the hate, quite a nice song...). I usually call it...
  20. Dicus

    Switch from control room to live room and back -> acoustic treatment

    Hey Guys, So thanks to all the great help on this forum I'm almost finished with the acoustic treatment in my room. I'll soon put up some pics. Right now I have absorbers for all first reflections including a cloud above my desk and bass traps in all four corners (not all finished yet). But...