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    New/very old personal folk/pop composition

    Yes. I have effectuated your suggestions. It's sounds better, I agree. Now all I have to do is record a better vocal rendition, but that will have to wait as I had a small vocal accident a few days ago while working on a new song without being adequately warmed up. When I have completed a new...

    New/very old personal folk/pop composition

    Hello! Here's a new mix I did this afternoon, putting your suggestions to the test. It's a once-in-a-lifetime mix as I use no automation. I like the new song personally and I will do some vocal work to make it even better. Maybe even a bit of timing work with regard to the strings, etc. What do...

    New/very old personal folk/pop composition

    Mr. Grumpy Thank you so much for the generous sharing of your intelligence, professional understanding, and time. As you suggested, I have begun the reworking of the song by listening differently to it. Already, I like it better without the drums and percussion. I cut out the last verse and...

    New/very old personal folk/pop composition

    Bless you, Grumpy Mod. I appreciate your observations. Very finely tuned. I will strip the song down and streamline it and see what that gives. I admit to have a tendency to overdo some aspects of production and to add percussion elements to make the songs sound more "pop" ( I suppose). Of...

    New/very old personal folk/pop composition

    Hi everybody! This a song I started writing 50 (!) years ago. I would to have your ideas as to how to improve my home production. I don't use any DAW tools. Thank you very much for all your thoughts. Cheers, William

    WILLIAM PITT Unplugged

    I'll give it a try, Jimistone. Thank you heartily.

    WILLIAM PITT Unplugged

    Thank you for your extreme generosity, sir. After all these years of saying *no" to DAW and hoping that I could obtain the desired results from my TASCAM, I hesitate now to start all over with computer technology tools. Especially seeing that I am from the old school of going into a studio and...

    WILLIAM PITT Unplugged

    Yeah, I like what you've done, Talisman. It is, in fact, the kind of warm and present sound I'm really looking for, for all of my acoustic song work. I hope I can find how to get there with the equipment I possess.

    WILLIAM PITT Unplugged

    Thank you so much. I understand the difference. I'm always a bit shy about reverb settings and never even sure of what KIND of reverb I should add, i.e. plate, hall, etc. I work exclusively with a TASCAM DP24SD, no DAW, so certain sound modifications are a bit less accessible. The compression...

    WILLIAM PITT Unplugged

    Dear friends, This time I’m sending a very basic recording for your professional observations - just acoustic guitar and voice. What I would like to know is HOW to make this sound “radio listenable”, like a simple yet professional production. Any and all ideas will be very much appreciated...

    Electro-acoustic guitar + distortion pedal = too much extra noise >> what to do?

    Electro-acoustic guitar + distortion pedal = too much extra noise >> what to do? Dear friends, In my recording work I like to noise-up some of my songs with electric guitar sounds but I possess only one guitar - a Martin OMX series electro-acoustic. I love it. The problem may well be the...

    EQUIPMENT: Electro acoustic guitar + distortion pedal - too much ground NOISE

    Hello everybody, I record with a TASCAM DP-24SD. I play a Martin electro-acoustic guitar and I LOVE to put some distortion in certain parts of my recordings. I use, for example, the ZOOM Multi-Stomp, and others. Okay, they're noisy, that's normal, but... there is a sort of "ground noise" that...

    Open your eyes

    Hi! I know that there is a lot yet to be done with this home "production", but I'm not exactly sure what it is. I would really like the song to become something people will listen to. I work with a TASCAM DP-24SD, without any DAW support, so my mixes are always one-time events...

    DP24-SD W/O MIDI ports, how do I trigger a synth or drum machine?

    Hello my dear camarades, Who knows why the wonderful people at TEAC decided to not include MIDI ports in the updated 24 track machine - so be it. The question is: how can I make my work easier, for example when I want to create/record a drum machine part whilst following, exactly, the rhythm of...

    Export 16 bit files to a 24 bit recording?

    Hello! Thanks to David Wills of Pro Audio DVDs, I just recently came to understand the interest of recording in the 24 bit/48kHz mode (which means that I will probably re-record over 20 songs that I’ve been working on for the last five years). Oh well… My question today is can I export 16 bit...

    TASCAM DP-24SD metronome bug

    Hello once again my dear and very patient colleagues, TASCAM DP-24SD This is not new, but… Why does the METRONOME decide to not work with the AUTO PUNCH on sometimes? Obviously at the WRONG times!! One good idea is worth a thousand clouds. Thanks, William

    NAKED (with onlx a guitar) personal work

    Hello Everybody! Eternal newbie that I am, I decided to finally put something out there for your fine and respected observations. It’s one of my songs, called “NAKED (with only a guitar)”. I recorded it on my Tascam SD24. There are 6 tracks of acoustic guitar recorded with Shure SM81 with a bit...

    Jog data dial crash report

    Dear camarades, I very recently replaced my DP-24, which had become totally neurotic, with a DP-24SD in the hopes that the weird behavioral problems of the DP-24, especially concerning crashes while using the JOG DATA dial, would have been resolved. It seems to me that the people of TASCAM have...

    guitar elbow (tendonitis)

    Hello Everybody! HAPPY SPRINGTIME wherever you may be. I'm sure that some of you have experienced "guitar elbow", otherwise known as tendonitis. Has anyone a good idea as to what to do about it? Especially natural means of reducing the discomfort and eventually reinforcing the muscles and...

    T.c. Electronics tone print application

    HELLO EV'RYBODY! I just downloaded the tone print app which sounds like a fantastic idea, then tried it out. Nada. Is it possible that such a wonder cannot function with my Martin OMX serie electro-acoustic guitar which has a built-in FISHMAN pickup? Thanks for any and all commentaries. William