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  1. JohnnyAmato

    Luke Combs cover - "Even Though I'm Leaving"

    Did a cover of a Luke Combs song for a friend. Changed the lyrical theme a tiny bit, from a father and a son to about a mother and a daughter. This is only the second rough mix, was definitely super fun to record. I think it's pretty close, love to see what you guys think. Thanks! Dropbox -...
  2. JohnnyAmato


    New tune. Wrote and recorded the music over a year ago, finally did the vocals last week. First mix, hopefully I'm in the ballpark. Thanks! Dropbox - FallinMix1Demo.wav - Simplify your life
  3. JohnnyAmato


    Hey all, been absent from here for a while, hope everyone's doing well. Latest track, "Lightspeed" (Country pop-rock, I think) I think the mix is close. Going to be doing a video for it soon, and want to make sure the mix is in the right ballpark. If anything jumps out at anyone, good or...
  4. JohnnyAmato

    "Punk Life"

    Long time, no post for me, hope everyone is doing well. Working hard on a bunch of new recordings, this is one of them. Just looking for general critiques, or if anything stands out. I'm getting ready to head up to my cabin for the weekend so I don't have time right now to check a bunch of...
  5. JohnnyAmato

    Room Resonance, Loud "C" Bass Note

    Hey all, haven't been around much lately. Hope everyone's doing well. Anyway, I'm working on the final mix of a track, it's a basic F-C-G-Am thing, and I noticed something when putting it to the speakers for the first time after getting most of the mix done on my headphones (I do this often...
  6. JohnnyAmato

    "Don't Give Up On Me"

    Another one from the Addison Lane Record. Simple arrangement, basically just hard panned stereo acoustics and a vocal. There is also a piano track, and hard panned strings, but both very low in the mix. The heart of it is the acoustics and vocal. These mixes can be tricky; there are so few...
  7. JohnnyAmato

    "Thinkin' Of Home"

    Another track from the Addison Lane record I'm producing. Me on all the instruments again, my wife Christina Grace on the lead vocals, and me on all the background vocals. Written by Laurie Green. Acoustic based pop-country, I think it's just about done, definitely need some input. Dropbox...
  8. JohnnyAmato

    "Soldier" Crunch time!!

    Another track from the Addison Lane record I'm producing. She's doing another video, and needs the final mix in just a few days. Eek! Sparse mix at times, but it builds somewhat, then kind of works it's way back down. I think I'm pretty close here, wonder what everyone's first impressions are...
  9. JohnnyAmato

    "Almost Forever"

    New song of mine, been working pretty hard on it the last few days. Tracked all the instruments/music in one long night, about a 14 hour session (I'm a nutcase) 'cept for the solo, which was done the next morning, well, afternoon. Then spent the last three days tracking/tweaking all the vocals...
  10. JohnnyAmato

    External Hard Drive Purchase Help

    Need some serious help here. I've reached the point where I definitely need to get an external hard drive; for back-up mainly, I'll look into running sessions from it once I get it, but the main concern is back-up. I have 30+ sessions on my PC, and not backed up at all. So obviously, I need to...
  11. JohnnyAmato


    New original of mine I recorded a little over a week ago. Had to put it on the shelf to finish other projects, but finally got a chance to work on the mix today. Lots going on, plenty of guitars, background vocals, etc. Mix was done entirely on headphones, so I'm sure it's got a long way to...
  12. JohnnyAmato

    "Come As You Are"

    Another tune from that Addison Lane record I'm producing. We're actually about 8 songs in, and I've only posted 1 or 2 already, but this vocal is throwing me for a loop. It's all over the place, so I'm having a little trouble keeping it consistent. I think I'm close though, so any feedback...
  13. JohnnyAmato

    "Walking Alone" Video released!

    Here's the released video finally of "Walking Alone" from the record I'm producing for the 'Addison Lane' project. The last time I had the song here in the clinic a few weeks ago, 90% of you said it was good to go, and the client was happy, so I sent her off. I'm still afraid to listen to it...
  14. JohnnyAmato

    "Walking Alone" Crunch Time!!!

    Wow have I been busy, whew. The Laurie Green record I'm producing is a little over halfway done, er, tracked, and it now has a name- Addison Lane "Back To Balance". Been a crazy few weeks, er, months; a few weeks ago she filmed a video at the lakefront for this track, with actors and the whole...
  15. JohnnyAmato

    Glitchy MIDI!

    This isn't a huge problem, but sometimes can be a pain in the butt. Sometimes during playback in Pro Tools, my MIDI will glitch, and a cymbal might not hit, or hit but be way louder than it's supposed to be, or a snare might miss the transient, etc... While mixing it isn't that big of a deal...
  16. JohnnyAmato

    "Chasin' Chickens"

    Finally tracked the vocals for one of my songs on the waiting list. Took a much deserved break from the Laurie Green record I'm producing and tracked these vocals just last night, finished off the backgrounds today. Mix was done entirely on my headphones for now, but I know them pretty well, so...
  17. JohnnyAmato

    "Make It Real"

    Another one from the project I'm producing for songwriter Laurie Green. I did all the guitars and bass, and programmed all the drums with Superior. The wife on lead vocals, Laurie's friend Tina on backgrounds, the half-time section has them both on backgrounds, the "hey-you" chorus parts was...
  18. JohnnyAmato

    Fender Teles and swimming through the Fender sea

    With all the Affinity Series talk, here's a 2005 I picked up for the heck of it brand new a while back for $150 because I liked how it played. Not sure if it's one of the alder body ones though? I've been tempted to get a Warmoth Bird's Eye Maple neck for it, but never got around to it. Hope one...
  19. JohnnyAmato

    Post your latest purchase!

    Obviously not a new purchase, but with all the Twin talk I figured I'd put up a picture of my '97 "The Twin". I actually mic'd it and recorded it for the first time ever yesterday, and bought it new 19 years ago :facepalm:
  20. JohnnyAmato

    "Walking Alone"

    It never fails, I print something that I'm ready for feedback on, bring it out of the studio to my laptop, upload it, quick listen with my good cans on the laptop before I post it in the clinic, and I find things not quite right that I wasn't really hearing on my monitors down in the studio...