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  1. grn

    Arrangement and mix help

    This is not a conventional song, nor is it meant to be. The intro is too long and the structure is probably terrible, especially since the ending has nothing to do with anything. That's okay though because it's just supposed to make you feel how it makes you feel. I know the bass part doesn't...
  2. grn

    Low end balance and rythm help

    This is essentially a children's song or even a jingle. I don't even know what the words mean to be honest, but I'm pretty sure it's wholesome. I tracked it with an ex of mine awhile back, but I still enjoy it and find it charming in a quirky way. I think of it like "All Together Now" by the...
  3. grn

    Need some feedback on everything in this one

    Not sure where to begin. I had this vision in my head for this and I never quite got there. Does the vocal sit well? Does it need more air/high end? Are the cymbal crashes too loud? There's a lot of distortion/saturation - is it not too harsh, but not too muddy? Are the guitars and bass...
  4. grn

    Is the vocal too loud? Drums too harsh?

    I struggled with the mix on this a LOT. I'm still not a fan the hi hat sound. The bass is fat and sounds great on its own, but is almost too much for this song. I could not get a good vocal performance and get the tone I wanted so I essentially did a hi pass on the vocal from 250 up and then...
  5. grn

    Mud and panning check

    Here's another song where I believe I've gotten the mix probably 90% there, but I just need a sanity check to make sure the weight of the panned instruments is not too heavy to one side or the other and there's not too much mud. I opted to do some hard panning on this to make room for...
  6. grn

    Need some feedback on the balance of this mix

    Really need some help here and as many ears on this as possible. This is just an acoustic guitar and vocals so I can't really hide behind any mixing tricks. It was a case of using the demo for the final song because I could never recapture the original performance of this demo. It was sung into...
  7. grn

    We're getting the band back together

    My ears are fatigued and I greatly need your objectivity. After 5 years my old band decided to get back together (virtually) for a loosely quarantine-inspired song. We had to record our parts separately and at home so I had to do some clever editing to get the quality up. Here's the latest mix...
  8. grn

    I'd appreciate any arrangement suggestions on this acoustic-based song

    Been a while since I posted. This is sparse and simple. A little EQ, a little compression, a doubled acoustic guitar panned left and right 75%, a piano, a vocal (with one little effect). I may shorten the song and put the piano solo right after the chorus instead of the repeated guitar theme and...
  9. grn

    Can you recommend a mix engineer?

    Can anyone recommend a mix engineer they've had experience with that generally works on modern pop, rock, folk and orchestral music? Perhaps a mastering engineer can chime in?
  10. grn

    Did I over mix this?

    I've been working on this one for awhile and I can't tell if I did too much. I kept juicing it and juicing it and now I can't tell if it's just a jumbled muddy mess or the lyrics are even intelligible. I definitely need some more ears on it. Thanks in advance for any critiques...
  11. grn

    I Said Yes

    It took me a little over a year to complete the recording of this song as I heard it in my head. Just as a warning there are some adult-oriented lyrics in this song, but it is very tongue in cheek. I am looking for any feedback on the balance of the instruments - there are quite a few and it was...
  12. grn

    Found a great article on music marketing

    Music Marketing Tips and Ideas - 50 Ways to Promote Your Music
  13. grn

    Home Again

    Just looking for any feedback on this mix... my ears are fatigued so I figured this was a good stopping point.
  14. grn

    Walkin' Around

    I've been posting songs from my upcoming record for mix advice recently, but this one is from a band I just joined. I did write, sing and play on this one too though. It's been awhile since I've worked with a band in this capacity so I'd really appreciate any feedback you might have. It's...
  15. grn

    The Way That You Move [Rock]

    I need some fresh ears on this - I'm having a really difficult time mixing this song and I'd really appreciate any criticism at all.
  16. grn

    Heartbreak Hotel

    Feedback? How can I get this raw sound more consistently?
  17. grn

    Looking for Kooks-esque guitar on an original song

    Hey all, I'm looking for a Kooks-esque lead electric guitar sound like on their song "She Moves In Her Own Way", but for an original song of mine. If you want to take a crack at it I've uploaded the song with a scratch vocal at...
  18. grn

    Has anyone paid a mixing engineer?

    If so - how did you find him or her and how did it go? I'm thinking about paying someone to mix my new record and while I know the end result will be worth it I don't know if I'd rather spend the money on promotion (this being my first solo effort) or the mix. I suspect the answer is the mix. I...
  19. grn

    Looking for a banjo player for a folk/pop/americana type song

    I'm looking for a banjo player that can record a rhythm track like on The Avett Brothers' "Live and Die", except on an original song. I'm willing to compensate you for it.
  20. grn

    Electronic classical Hawaiian pop country rock

    I wrote this song and aside from a few percussive instruments I think I'm done recording it. I just need some ears on it to let me know if the vocals are balanced. I am pushing it as far as the bottom end is concerned, but it's where I want it to be. Any other thoughts would be very welcome. I'm...