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  1. witm8

    let me see your studio!

    I actually tidied my room/studio/man cave up over the weekend - this is where the magic doesn't happen And I also purchased a new set of Rokit speakers - which has caused me to purchase a new desk (getting on Monday so I'll have to have another re-jig then)
  2. witm8

    Just throwing this song out there - it's just an ongoing idea

    Boyfriend 3 by Random-Tangent | Random Tangent | Free Listening on SoundCloud Just throwing this song out there - it's just an ongoing idea. I really want to try and do something different as I feel as I'm getting a little bored with the acoustic/folk/hippy music that I tend to gravitate...
  3. witm8

    Crisp / Clear lyric pronunciation.

    Hi, I’m finding something that I’m doing really annoying, and was just wondering if there was a mixing technique that could be used in my instance. I’m finding that when I’m singing, I’m occasionally losing the last syllable of some of the words. I suppose that this is the way that I sing...
  4. witm8

    Mixing for a variety of play back media.

    Hi Guys. I was wondering if there was a general tip that anyone would care to share with regards to mixing a song(s) to be played played on various platforms. I've been messing around with my latest song over the weekend: The Sun Will Shine Tommorow by Random-Tangent | Random Tangent | Free...
  5. witm8

    Thoughts on generic background noise and how/if to mix it

    Hi all, I'm not really sure where I should post this (mods please feel free to move this) Yesterday I quickly did a really really simple song - me + acoustic guitar (and then I quickly popped a 'solo' on it). It all sounded a bit flat and boring. As it was so so simple, and could have been...
  6. witm8

    This weekends song attempt.

    This weekends attempt (If I write a thousand songs one may be ok'ish) I Am Grateful by Random-Tangent | Random Tangent | Free Listening on SoundCloud I wake and I'm old, But I try to be thankful You know that I almost died? Did you know that I almost died? From a fire that's in my blood, I...
  7. witm8

    I Am Grateful (my latest attempt).

    Hi all, I finally got around to 'finishing' another song over the weekend, and would appreciate someone else giving it a quick listen and giving me some critique. The amount of times that I've heard it now, I'm starting to not even hear it (if that makes sense?). I Am Grateful by...
  8. witm8

    Qty of songs you are working on ?

    I was sitting in front of my computer last night, guitar in hand and pen at the ready - and not really much was happening. So I hovered my mouse over, and opened up another recent song that I was working on. I then realised that I have about 5 songs that are all very much a work in progress...
  9. witm8

    can someone have a quick listen to this plz

    Hi all, Can someone have a quick listen to this song that I've just recorded, and mixed, and mastered (well, attempted to anyway). I'm not sure if I need to raise the vocal volume slightly - on three devices that I've listened to it ok it sounds ok, but on another, the guitar seems to dominate...
  10. witm8

    My new take on my old song

    Hey gang, This is the first time that I've tried to mix 'do' a song with more than 4 tracks - I think that this ended up at 28 actually. I think that I bit off more than I can chew actually - so next time I will go for slightly less. The song can be found here on my Soundcloud...
  11. witm8

    New song today - But what if?

    Hi all, This is the first time that I've tried to mix 'do' a song with more than 4 tracks - I think that this ended up at 28 actually :facepalm: I think that I bit off more than I can chew actually - so next time I will go for slightly less - but if anyone can maybe just point me in the right...
  12. witm8

    Picture With You - my song

    Hi all, I've been a 'home recordist' for a while now, previously only using an USB mic, iPad, and Garageband. Recently I've upgraded to an iMac - Logic Pro X - and Rode NT1-A mic as things were getting a little stagnant - plus I needed to upgrade computers for my job. This is the first time...
  13. witm8

    let me see your studio!

    As of last night - yes I know it could do with a tidy up, and I don't really know why I persist with sitting on the floor using my laptops, when I've got a lovely iMac on the desk just out of shot. I really would like to have somewhere nice, i'll get there in time.
  14. witm8

    Needing some help please.

    _________________________________________ EDIT 05-April-2017: Nothing happening here anymore - song completed and moved on to something else :thumbs up: _________________________________________ I’ve hit a wall, and need an extra verse (and...
  15. witm8

    Upgrading to a 'beginners home studio' from an iPad + garageband

    Right, I think that I’ve come to the end of the road …. When it comes to continuing the way that I have been previously. It’s time to hang up the iPad + Garageband, and my Apogee Mic I’m not doing it to enable me to give up my job and make stacks of cash selling music, I’m doing it as...
  16. witm8

    I'm still having fun :)

    I'm still here, and I'm still banging out sub-standard tunes :listeningmusic: Thought that I'd share my latest - the Mrs went out to a Christmas party on Saturday night, so I obviously took the opportunity to pick the guitar up, sink some beers, have some creative smokes, and see what evolved...
  17. witm8

    Compression pedal and Les Paul

    Morning all, Was just wondering what the general consensus is regarding the use of a compression pedal and a Les Paul. I'm reading lots of mixed opinions My pedal chain currently is Guitar (Les Paul Traditional) - Ibanez Tube Screamer - MXR Phase 90 - Boss Chorus CH1 - Boss Delay DD3 - Boss...
  18. witm8

    My attempt at writing a song

    :eek: Was happily messing around with my guitar last night - and something weird happened. A 'song' started to unfold right in front of me. First came a little 'hook', then the chords, then a baseline quickly followed. I started to panic like a 16 year old lad who was imminently going to...
  19. witm8

    I’m struggling with my new Les Paul

    I’m struggling with my new Les Paul, and I’m thinking that I’ll have to pretty much go back to basics and re-learn :( At the end of the day I’m an acoustic player – a strummer – a chord progressionist. Always have been (for the past 25 years). I love the chunky hearty tones and warm feel of...
  20. witm8

    The greatest song

    This song could possibly be one of the greatest ever. I so wish that I could come up with something like this, rather than straining my brain with love songs, and deep meaningfull versus. No need for interesting and leading melodies, this is almost perfection...