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  1. Armistice

    A Death In The Family - "minerman" (Home Recording and lately TRR stalwart) has died

    A Death In The Family - "minerman" (Home Recording and lately TRR stalwart) has died Hi HR people Just thought those of you who knew him would appreciate knowing that James Bryson, AKA "minerman" has unfortunately left us. I'm not sure he posted that much here any more, but he was an...
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    Honey Hunters - Rockets

    OK friends - first new thing from me in a very long while... :( Dealing with the inevitable, fame, fortune, groupies, cocaine habit etc. after the last album. It's tough man... :laughings: Or perhaps I just got a bit lazy. Something like that... ;) I know, I know, I'm never here much any...
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    20 Year Club

    Who else of this vintage is still here? Do I win an award or something? Become an object of worship? What do I get? :confused:
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    You KNOW you want to comment in this thread... Why should I have all the fun?:laughings:
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    Honey Hunters - What Would We Have Done With Eternity Anyway?

    Finally finished this labour of love. Thanks to all at HR for the feedback over the years. Very last thing you can do for me is buy it.... :);):D:laughings::( What Would We Have Done With Eternity Anyway? | Honey Hunters OR Honey Hunters | What Would We Have Done with Eternity Anyway? | CD...
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    The Dream's Malfunction

    Hi peeps Warning - it's a long tune - it's to end an album, so I sort of needed something big. It also starts out with an unrelated mellotron thing which I felt had to fit on the album somewhere, so here it is. :eek: Once I get this one sorted I'll move onto album production, so that's...
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    Is It Too Soon?

    Hi y'all The latest from the Armistice hit factory... :laughings: Dropbox - Is It Too Soon.mp3 Any and all feedback/commentary welcomed. Just wipe your shoes before you come inside, OK?;)
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    Are You Listening?

    No, that's the title of the tune, not a teaser about the Clinic, really... :) Are You Listening? Continuing my latest theme of simpler instrumentation and song structure, shorter length etc. Blame the Telecaster. :eek: Any and all comments welcome. Thanks in advance... Are You Listening...
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    How to play guitar like an Armistice...

    I was mucking around trying to work out my video camera and editing software and lighting and what have you, and ended up playing along with a semi-finished unmixed tune awaiting singing, as part of the exercise. Then I thought for all the time we spend on recording and sound and amps and mic...
  10. Armistice

    Goodbye Mr Pills (remix)

    Hiya - song from about 2 years ago - I'm a bit better at this now and thought I'd spend a bit of time with it cleaning up the things about the previous mix that irked me - some loose guitaring and mix issues - given I'm thinking "album" at the moment. As usual - any and all feedback welcome...
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    Sore Winner

    Hi peeps Long time, no chat. I'm doing the shameful thing of not hanging around here much and then dropping a new song in the clinic and expecting everyone to listen to it... :eek::laughings: Still, some of you might be interested. :rolleyes: Sore Winner - The Honey Hunters Any and all...
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    VIDEO - Whirlwind

    Didn't really know where to put this as it's a finished product - as such it doesn't really fit in the video production forum - but figured a few of you HR old timers will be curious. I've been told, again, that I look like David Bowie, but I'm not seeing it, myself. David Bowie would look all...
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    You Monster

    Hi chaps Another 6 months, another song... the triple album's still some way from completion... :( You Monster So, Robus - last time you asked when I put the drums into the songwriting process - this one, at the very start - it's all about the drum roll. :D I've done a bit of editing as it...
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    Sometime Soon - new tune

    Hi peeps Been a while. A tune I've been working on, it seems, forever, since I got a cool delay pedal for Christmas and starting making interesting backwards guitar sounds and thought... hmm, might do a song with that. Different from my recent stuff I guess. Shorter, less complicated, poppier...
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    The Guitar Tone and Mix Thread

    Knock yerselves out...
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    LOL - "Frogetting" - "Forgetting", obviously.:laughings::laughings::laughings::laughings: My first new track of the year.:yawn: I've spent too long with it now and can't hear a damn thing any more. It's based around a particular reverb guitar pedal sound so it's a tad wet. Don't know what else...
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    Reaper rendering issue - MIDI VSTi sounds being "cut off"

    Hi My VSTi is SSD4, but I don't think it matters. (1) Happens to long sounds - so in a drum VSTi that's crashes and rides. (2) Happens to every instance of crash and ride - takes about a second, which with rides you don't really notice if you're continually hitting it - very noticeable on...
  18. Armistice

    Average schlong size by country...

    World map of The average erected penis size worldwide - in centimeters by Country - TargetMap Apparently.... :laughings: Not sure what this says about the Canadians... either they're too small to find, or move so quickly they can't be measured.:)
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    Stalking Horse - my latest thang

    So this was a long time coming. Completely recorded twice, two complete sets of lyrics, and four different attempts at a chorus on the second set, until I finally said to to myself after the fourth attempt "I fear this is not working!!!!" and I realised that those very words were the chorus I'd...
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    Do I really need one of these?

    I'll admit I have a liking for shiny metallic blue things (hint: car) but I keep going back to have a look at this video - not because of the ridiculous spangly gold strat, but for the tele. I notice it has a "normal" bridge in that there are 6 individual saddles, unlike your standard conjoined...