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    Recording bass

    One other thing to consider when going direct, is you often are recording a huge amount of subsonic and extended low frequencies that smear your sound on playback and eat up a lot of headroom. Try using an EQ with a High Pass Filter and set to 30-40 hz and slowly move it up towards 80-90 hz...
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    New Members: Introduce Yourself Here!

    Good to have you! I have found recording my playing and listening back to it in context, has been the single most eye-opening way to help me improve my musicianship and technique, besides the fun of recording and song building. Hopefully you get good info from this site. It has been a good...
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    New Members: Introduce Yourself Here!

    Bob, It sounds like you have a great start, and to be honest, it is good you want to have fun...LOL It is a learning experience that takes time to understand, much less... get good at it (like learning any new instrument), but just be patient and try to enjoy the ride. I know I do!
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    Microphones for sale/trade

    Hey all I am selling some of my Studio Microphones to fund some new purchases. I have upgraded over the years and find that while I still find these very useful, I need more of other items than these Microphones. Having said that, I am not going to give these away neither am I going to magnify...
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    WTB: Drum Machine

    I am on the lookout for a simple drum machine to use as a click track for recording. Ideally it would sound more like real drums than some techno-dance thing. Many folks I record just can't focus on a metronome sound so I need to make some simple drum patterns to have them record to. I am...
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    Smaller keyboard with aftertouch

    Hey guys and gals. I am not a keyboardist, but I hack a few tracks occasionally. I have a big 88 key piano action controller I want to get rid of,and replace it with a smaller 49 to ? key synth action controller with aftertouch.(I have a StudioLogic 880) The reason for the aftertouch is my...
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    Sell or Trade / Delta 1010's

    Hey guys and gals, I have upgraded to some nicer converters and I have 2 Delta 1010s (full version) that have had the word clock upgrade. I'd love to find them a new home. At least M-audio has been good about keeping current drivers for them. They are in fine shape. I figure that 1 is good...
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    Delta 1010s / 4 Sale-4 Trade

    Hey all. I have recently upgraded my Converters and am thinking of selling or trading my old converters. I think I only want to sell 2 of the 3 but I am open to ideas. Here is the story. I have 3 Delta 1010 units with the PCI Cards. 2 have had the Word Clock Update allowing them to be...
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    Tube Swapping in T-3

    Hey All! I just got in a new tube I'd like to swap in my Studio Projects T-3 mic. If anyone has instructions or experience doing this, I'd love some hints / instructions on how to do this before I jump into it . Thanks! Tom
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    Free Diffusor panels

    Now that I am through with my build I have some diffusor panels I never used. I think they are 24 inches square and 2 inches thick at the thickest. There are around 32 of them and I need the garage space, so if you are in the Dallas / Fort worth area and can come get them, You can HAVE them...
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    Kel HM2d

    Well, Due to the fact I absolutely love my Kel HM1's (drums / violins/ mando / banjo) I pulled the trigger on the new HM2d which is a large diaphragm condenser that is voiced to be similar to a large diaphragm dynamic (similar to an SM7). I had been trying to buy a SM7 under $250 with no luck...
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    Kick Drum Case

    A little off topic. I want to buy my Son a Gig worthy case for his custom Mapex Kick. It is a beautiful but large 24" diameter by 20" long kick. With spurs folded probably 28" wide no mount on top so 26" on height and the depth I think the rims make it 24 inches. I could even go with adding a...
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    What is it Called?

    OK, I am going nuts trying to figure out what this snare drum accessory is called, and where to find it. It looks like a small portion of wooden hoop the fits between a couple of lugs that helps save your sticks from getting chopped up on the edge of the hoops. I've looked for "stick saver" and...
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    T-Mix Studio Finished Pics

    Well, After nearly 2 years of building I am basically done. Yes... I still need a good Chair! The pics are awful but here goes: I put one pic of the mix nook in Tracking Mode (panels down) and one in Mixing Mode (panels up). There is a bad pic of the 7x7 vocal booth and one of the 10 x 11 drum...
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    Monitor / Source Switcher?

    I need a good clean (cheap is good) way to switch between 2 different stereo sources for my monitors. Need dead quiet, no coloration. I tried a patch bay but it pops a little when plugging in and the amp is on. I'd even consider building it, but am no genius with a soldering iron, (not too bad...
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    WTB: 16 channels ad/da

    Hey guys and gals! I am on the hunt for 16 channels of good ad/da. It needs to adat optical as the digital (to/from computer) I/O. I have been looking at Lucid , RME/ Nuendo, Apogee and others along that line. I can't afford a lot so I am looking used for about $1200 total max. If that don't...
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    16 channel options for WIN 98se

    What are the existing options for 16 channel I/O for an older computer? I want something better than RME if possible? I presently have (3) Delta 1010s and a couple of Lucid 9624s clocked to a Lucid Genx6. The Lucid's sound good, I guess i could look into the 8 channel adat versions. I'd prefer...
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    Digital MPA Gold $200

    I don't know if it is kosher for me to post this, but I just saw a local listing for this and thought it a good enough deal to see if someone here could nab it. It's not mine, nor do I have any ties or knowledge of this guy. In other words, pursue at your own risk. Dallas Craig's list...
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    Chaining Mic preamp channels?

    With the proliferation of new ribbon mics out there requiring hi gain pres, I was wondering if it would work ( on say... a DMP-3)to run the mic t o channel one, the output of channel 1 to the input of channel 2 and run them at a more moderate and quiet level to have enough gain for a ribbon? Is...
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    75 ohm for unbalanced cable runs?

    I need to make up a bunch of unbalanced 1/4 inch type cable runs, some as long as 25feet. I have a huge roll of coaxial beldon 75 ohm video typ cable. Can it be used sucessfully for 25 foot runs without sound degradation? Your thought s are appreciated. Tom