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    Mystery: Two Tones (Ringing) In Old Digitizations

    During the period from early 1998 to early 2001, I used my father's computer set-up to capture mixes of my songs and burn CDs. In a lot of these captures and burns, there are two tones that ring throughout. Recently, while rebuilding a website for all of my music and videos, I decided to...
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    Peavey Classic 30: Using EFX Send to Feed Multitrack

    I live in an apartment now and don't want to disturb my neighbors too much. I have an older PODxt but rather than use its cabinet modeling I thought to feed its input from my Peavey Classic 30 via its EFX Send output. I've disconnected the speaker from the amp, so the amp is essentially a head...
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    Modifying a Tascam Porta07 to output 4 discrete tracks?

    Hi, my name is Robbie and I'm new to this site. I posted a similar thread in the Tascam forum, but I think it's probably better placed in here. I have a Tascam Porta07 cassette 4-track. It only has the ability to output a stereo signal, so there's no way for me to archive my old recordings to...
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    Modifying a Tascam Porta07 to output 4 discrete tracks?

    Hey, my name's Robbie and I'm brand new to this forum. I bought my first Tascam Porta07 back in the summer of 1994 (and a second from eBay in the summer of 2005). I probably have 50-75 cassettes full of recordings. I just bought a new Tascam DP-24 and it got me to thinking about archiving...