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    Fly Away (Mixing Feedback Requested)

    Recently, I dusted off an old song I wrote 15 years ago that I never quite properly finished, but always wanted to. So, after tweaking some things, re-recording certain parts, I have a rough mix going, but I still think I'm quite a ways away. The problem is, I'm not quite sure how to proceed...
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    Good Vibrations (Cover)

    Years ago, I was asked to do a cover of this classic Beach Boys track for a Brian Wilson "Pet Sounds"/SMiLE era tribute album. Unfortunately, I was never thrilled with the mix, as it sounded rather sterile and, well, quite bland. Because of that, I always wanted to go back and take another...
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    The Fool on the Hill (Cover)

    Hi guys, Took a crack at the old Beatles song last weekend, but I find that, no matter how much I tweak it, something just doesn't seem right with the mix. Therefore, for the purposes of getting some outside, objective feedback, I wanted to throw it your way to see if there's any feedback you...
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    Surf's Up (Cover) [Mixing Feedback Requested]

    Hi guys, Looking for some mixing feedback on this cover I did of The Beach Boys song, "Surf's Up". It's just a piano demo, but it's a track I wanted to try in order to practice mixing piano. Unfortunately, listening back, it all feels a bit sloppy, unfocused, and not quite there, and the more...
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    The Lord's Prayer (Beach Boys Cover) [Mixing Critique Requested]

    Hi guys, Late last year for Christmas, as a challenge, I took a crack at this a cappella. Anyways, after recently finally having an opportunity to mix this, I wanted to post this for feedback. I'd really like to get this as close to sounding as professional as possible, and despite my best...
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    Which Style of Mic Would Be Best Suited for My Voice?

    Hi everyone, I am currently in the midst of upgrading my home studio and one area I'd like to finally tackle is that of my microphone. Up to this point, I've used a Rode NT-1A which I purchased many years ago as I was getting into recording and, while it has served me largely well, I find it...
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    Surf's Up [Cover] [Mixing Critique Needed]

    Lately, after a while away from it, I decided to get back into mixing. I've been reading a ton of books, trying to re-learn, and to get practice, I decided to start remixing some of old covers I did several years ago. This one, a cover of "Surf's Up" by The Beach Boys, is my first try...
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    Caroline, No [Beach Boys Cover]

    Unearthed this cover, last week, that I did about four years ago. Included a little stripped down version of it, after the proper cover. Enjoy!
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    New Song: These Are My Words

    So, I haven't written anything brand new in a while, and thus I was challenged to write and finish one by a certain time frame, and this is the result. Everything you hear is me. It's not too polished (and it's not really supposed to be), but, nonetheless... These Are My Words by The Academic...
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    Good Vibrations [Cover]

    So, recently, someone commissioned me to do a cover version of the Beach Boys' classic, "Good Vibrations," for a SMiLE covers compilation album. So I took a stab at it and here was the result... Good Vibrations Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy! Thanks!
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    New Song: So Warm Tonight

    So many years ago, when I was still in high school, I wrote this little ballad. It wasn't meant as anything particularly serious, but recently, when I unearthed some old demo, I thought it was nice enough, so I decided to tweak certain things a bit, and record it. Everything is me, so any...
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    For No One (Beatles cover)

    So it's been a while since I've done any recording, and I've been in a bit of a Beatles mood lately, so I decided to cover one of my favorites: "For No One". For No One [Cover] As you can probably tell, I'm having troubles getting the mix right (i.e., sounds decent on headphones, not so much...
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    Best Virtual Instrument Set For My Needs

    So I'm a musician who has been, for years, wanting to write and record an album (join the club, I know). I'm primarily a keyboardist and, through the use of virtual instruments, I would like to do the entire album myself. A one man show, so to speak, but convincing, as if a real band performed...
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    New Song: Fly Away

    Here is a song I wrote about 2-3 years ago, but barely getting around to recording it, because I've done enough covers at this point. So, here it is. It's not meant as a final mix, but consider this a good start. The lyrics will be completely revamped, as I know they utterly blow and it's...
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    Beach Boys Dance Remix

    For a final class project I had to do this week, we had to create a dance remix of the Beach Boys' song "Our Prayer." The guidelines creatively were pretty simple: as long as you aren't too repetitive, and make it to where the listener has an idea what song was remixed, you can pretty much do...
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    Piper Of Your Dreams (Demo)

    Here is a song I wrote about a month ago, entitled "Piper Of Your Dreams." Everything you hear is me, from the composition to the recording and the production. Nonetheless, it's just merely a demo, so I know a lot of things aren't top notch (it was all written and recorded within a couple of...
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    I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Beach Boys Cover)

    Here's a cover of the underrated Beach Boys' classic from "Pet Sounds." Everything you hear, from vocals to instruments, is me plus an a cappella version of the song afterwards. Link 1: And in case that one...
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    Beach Boys Cover

    So, I'm a huge Beach Boys fan and was listening to the more obscure stuff lately, namely their "Surf's Up" album and rediscovered one of my very favorite songs of theirs, a tune called "'Til I Die." It's a very somber tune, but one of my very favorites and so I wanted to tackle it. Everything...
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    Pick Up The Stars (Demo)

    After writing what I felt were rather slow and dull songs, I decided to take the risk and try writing a rock song. Nothing hard rock, but more pop/rock, I supopse. I never really branched into rock in general because I never felt I could do it, so this is really nothing more than an attempt to...
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    The Longest Time (Billy Joel Cover)

    Did this cover for a friend who loves the song. With their birthday being tomorrow, I was sort of rushed, but did it, anyways. Any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated. All voices and instruments are me. Enjoy!