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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    I haven't gotten back to it. I bought a new house and energies are focused elsewhere. Probably won't get back to it for a month or two.
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    From Syntaur, Hi Jerry, The switches can be oriented in either direction - if you spin them 180 degrees around, it won't matter. If you are still having issues, it is likely that the switches themselves are not the problem. It could be trouble with the circuit board, or with a...
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    From the seller. Ok I apologize as I didnt first remember what buyer you where as I thought we where dealing with an asr10 display as I sell alot of switches and alot of emails. Those are surface mount switches. I have never had to change a switch in an MR keyboard as of yet but I know that...
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    On further recollections, I bought these switches off ebay, I bought the encoders etc. from Syntaur. I contacted the ebay seller and here was his response. I thanked him but have my doubts, why two dots on the switch? He also doesn't realize he sent me contact switches and there are no "holes"...
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    I only replaced nine switches and have one new one left over. On closer examination there are two tiny dots on one side of the switch. I am assuming that they are for orientation purposes. Chance are half the switches are in backwards and with my luck it is probably more than 6 of them lol...
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    I will get around to taking her apart again and looking into the orientation issue. The switches are about a dollar a switch. If I put some in backwards and it didn't hurt anything I can probably unsolder them and orient them correctly, "I think.., therefore I am, I think." I will contact...
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    I have all my voices and she is playing but now I have other problems I didn't have. Buttons that are now not working that did etc. I will take her apart again. I am getting pretty quick at it lol. I don't want to replace them all. There are 94 of them and that would cost me more than the...
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    I am not sure what happened. I cleaned everything off, put her back together and now I have the display. I haven't gone further yet to see if anything I did is actually working. Will keep you posted. The only thing I can think of is one of the ribbon cables was not on correctly, either I was off...
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    Well, that didn't go so well. I replaced the switches, put her back together, fired her up, no LED display and little wisp of smoke? I shut it down immediately. Took her apart again and cant find anything wrong by eye? I saw which board the puff came from but cannot find any damage? Also, it...
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    Thank you very much. I have never worked with these switches before. I only paid a hundred bucks for this keyboard with the intention of learning to work on it , so, wish me luck. This was either the right or wrong keyboard to start with. You have to work on it from the bottom, everything is...
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    Here is a pic of one of the boards. How do you go about removing the switches? Thanx
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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    I have my Ensoniq ZR76 apart and need to replace switches. I bought ten. I don't see how to remove or replace them. The leads do not come through the boards. I don't see how you would unsolder them and replace them. The only solution I see is to clip the leads at the front of the board and...
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    Ensoniq ZR-76 mechanically stuck key, help!

    I am a newbie at this so if I don't know the names of everything please bear with me. I have a ZR-76 with a stuck black key. I have the whole keyboard apart, I also had to replace some other parts. I have the action out and the key off. I cleaned the key and I cleaned the post the front of the...
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    I left the lyrics out!

    had to take this down here. Don't worry, I will never post another on this site. If I could delete the thread I would. Maybe a moderator will do it for me.
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    [SOLVED] another new one

    Had to take it off, causing too much controversy here. You won't see another one posted here. If I could delete the thread I would, maybe a moderator will do it for me.
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    Latest stab at it, mp3 w/video

    MOONSHINERS BLUES - YouTube have at it.
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    MP3 w/video

    My latest stab at it. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - YouTube
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    I have plenty

    of instrumentals but it seems I keep writing the same lyrics over and over in a sense. I usually write the music first and let it dictate the lyrical content. I haven't worked to hard at it lately though. About to retire soon and can put in a little more effort. What you put in is what you get...
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    Anyone using Blender?

    I have been using it for a bit, could always learn more tricks and sometimes need help along the way.