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  1. bobruzzo

    Instrumental Thematic modal tunes

    I gathered up a collection of stuff I have been working on recently and some material from a few years ago. All instrumental...mostly have a "thematic" vibe so I have been using some of these tunes as background music in some videos I made. The music is pretty low key, some of it is VERY dark...
  2. bobruzzo

    NEW ALBUM - all original produced in Reaper! Jazz/easy listening Hot off the press! Just some easy listening acoustic with keyboard/bass/synth/percussion accompaniment. I played all instruments except drums. Guest drummers on here. I wrote the tunes and recorded them using Reaper software and a new mastering plugin.
  3. bobruzzo

    Some nice JAZZ! Self-produced album

    Here is a recently completed album of all original jazzy / bluesy music. All selections written, played and produced by myself. I play guitars/synths/keys/bass and Oat Willie is percussionist. Recorded in Cranston RI at the Schmidlap Studios...