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    Question for DP32 owners regarding setting stereo tracks as mono tracks

    Howdy. Been mulling over picking up a used DP32. I just had a couple of questions for you owners regarding changing stereo tracks to mono tracks. I think that if I got one of these units I'd probably like to set it up as 12 mono tracks and 8 stereo pairs. I realize (via page 40 of the manual)...
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    New Tascam DP-24SD

    I just saw this at the Sweetwater website: The new Tascam DP-24SD. The photo is apparently of the original DP-24 but (according to Sweetwater) the unit WILL have MIDI IN/OUT. No info on the Tascam website yet but basically it is exactly like the old DP-24 minus the CD burner. $399 for 24 tracks...
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    Tascam 134b + Tascam PE-40 + What Tascam/Teac Mixer??

    Howdy. I sold my beloved 246 a few years back but have since picked up a "near ZERO hours" and MINT condition 134b rackmount cassette 4 track. What a solid unit! Anyway,..I have a lead on a Tascam PE-40 Parametric EQ...looks like a fantastic vintage unit. Although I'd surely use the PE40 for...
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    High Bias Cassette Tape recommendations

    Howdy gang. As I was dusting and cleaning my lovely Tascam 134b the other day I decided it was time (before it's too late) to stock up on some High Bias cassettes. They're starting to get a bit harder to find (especially the 60 minutes or less variety). What is the general consensus on quality...
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    Tascam 134b...."Vapor-Deck"??

    i was sorting through some old product literature in my closet yesterday and came across a tattered (but adored) Tascam "Multitrack Cassette" product brochure. featured on the page opposite the 238 was the 134b. i have never seen a 134b in person. i have never seen a 134b for sale (OR on eBay)...
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    Fostex R8......if the price is or avoid???

    howdy gang. for some reason the R8 is "calling me". 1/4" tape and a detachable remote. hmmmmmmmmmm. might be fun. i occasionally stumble across these (sometimes in EXCELLENT condition).is this recorder worth a look?? i primarily prefer Tascam gear but Fostex stuff is a close second. i see these...
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    D2424....D2424LV...any "significant" difference??

    the price on the D2424LV is certainly "appealing" at the moment. a friend of mine SWEARS that the ORIGINAL D2424 is a "bettter" recorder, however (due to more precise A/D converters). has anyone else heard of this claim?? just wondering.
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    HOLY CRAP!!! Tascam introduces the 2488!!!

    check it out (look for the 2488 header to the left): UNDER $1500??!!??!! what the!!!?? :D :D :cool:
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    compact 2-track reel-to-reel recorders

    looking for something a bit more "robust" than "STEREO CASSETTE" to mix down to. my dad has an old Realistic (Radio Shack?) RTR that he uses to record alot of choral and small symphonic projects with and the results ALWAYS prove to be quite impressive. i'd like to find a similar unit, as compact...
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    best STEREO spring reverbs??

    i've been scouring eBay for such an animal. i've seen the following (which i find quite interesting): Fostex 3180 Furman RV-2 Master Room Stereo reverb (forget the model,..XL-305????) Orban stereo reverb (111-B,.i think?) i have an "all-analog" project i'm working on (via my beloved Tascam...
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    has Tascam COMPLETELY abandoned the "Portastudio" concept??

    just wondering (as i sit and stare at my lovely 246). obviously the cassette based multitrack format is slowly evaporating into the mist. i always thought that the mighty little 788 was a creative combination of traditional Portastudio features melded with some nice digital technology. it seems...
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    sticky VU meter on 246....suggestions??

    recently i lucked into a MINT condition 246. the unit only had 2-3 hours use on it (if that) when i picked it up. it works flawlessly and sounds MUCH better than i ever expected. i am very impressed with the 246. it sounds even better than my 238s recorder. i HAVE noticed, however, that...
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    Orchestral modules revisited

    allright,...i've been mowing lawns, picked up a "paper-route" and have even sold a few of my priceless autographed Scott Baio posters on eBay and i'm ready to take the plunge on a good orchestral module. it's the best "bang for the buck" i'm after (but NOT at an "extreme" espense of sound...
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    Roland SRX/SR-JV ponderings........

    the newer SRX espansion ROMS seem very appealing...more megs of "sample memory"..etc....but do the newer XV synths TRULY "outclass" the older JV synths?? CASE IN POINT...the Roland SRX "Complete Orchestra" board COMBINES waveforms from the SRJV "Orchestral 1, 2 and Vocal" boards. if i loaded an...
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    "virtual track" count on D1624 still EIGHT????

    just curious. didn't know if the latest software upgrade somehow enabled the 1624 to gain the extra v-tracks that the "mysterious" D1624 MK2 supposedly boasted (what was it,..24 virtual?).
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    D2424LV for $1299???!!! WOW!!

    CRIKEY!!! i just checked out the Musician's Friend website and the D2424LV is now $1299!!! this seems like an UNBELIEVABLE deal for a 24-TRACK, 24-bit PROFESSIONAL recorder of this type!! maybe it's been at this price for a while. i don't know. it seems like quite a deal, though. cheers!
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    best HARDWARE choices for ORCHESTRAL sounds??

    i've been looking at the Kurzweil PC2R very closely. the demo sounds great. the Roland SRX and SRV orchestral boards get pretty good reviews as well. THE PROBLEM order to GET these orchestral sounds,..i'd have to buy a MODULE "chocked full" of sounds that i have no interest in JUST...
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    upgrading the hard drive on my Masterlink

    might need a bit of advice here. i'm sure i could crack it open and figure it out for myself, but..........if anyone's done this before i'd appreciate your input. my ML still has the original 4 gig (?) drive. i see that the more "recent" models ship with a 20 gig drive. i'd like to install as...
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    D160 or D1624??

    given a price difference of less than $200 (on the used market) is the D1624 worth the extra cash?? i'd be mixing through an analog desk and was just wondering if i'd notice the benefits of "24-bit" clarity. i've also heard that the 1624 is a bit noisy. i record alot of acoustic instruments...
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    are really low frequencies TRULY non-directional??

    i've heard this pitch before (when i bought some BOSE speakers a few years back). it has gotten me thinking about a monitoring system consisting of SMALLER nearfields with a subwoofer tucked beneath my mixing desk. the space i have for recording has gone from small to smaller (due to unforeseen...