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    New gtr, which one sounds better?

    I realize this is subjective And yes I just sat my cellphone down hit record and played these 2 guitars so no "proper mic setup" Still Which one do you like the sound of more? Vocaroo | Online voice recorder
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    Does she sound good?

    Audio removed. I don't have permission to share.
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    Which way sounds better?

    No warm up or anything Just a cell phone and a guitar I sang a verse with the guitar in standard tuning and tuned 1/2 step down Which one sounds better? And if they both sound like shit Please let me know that too ? Peace 1/2 step down: Vocaroo | Online voice recorder Standard...
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    Which acoustic do you like?

    Hey hope alls well I realize preferences for the sound of certain guitars is subjective, but Id still like your opinion. Which one do you like best? What order from fav to least fav? Can post the guitar models later. Thanks in advance! 1 Vocaroo | Online voice recorder 2 Vocaroo | Online...
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    Rec on my phone

    This website is awesome. Its the 1 place I feel safe posting a recording and not getting bashed but hearing real feedback. Thank you to the website creators. After ~4 drinks tonight ? : Vocaroo | Voice message
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    Tuned down 1/2 step - think I could sing this in public - pls warn me if no

    Hope alls well Tuned my guitar down half a step and wow... Seems so much easier to sing a lot of songs. I think I could pull this 1 off in public What do you guys think? Rip away - no mercy please - would rather get boos (and advice) here ? Vocaroo | Voice message
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    After a bottle of wine...

    1st off - This is an awesome site bc ppl are honest and they tell you the good bad and ugly. So I was told I didn't sing loud enough, was too shy, and should open up. Here's me after a bottle of wine ? No worrying about the neighbors during this recording. BTW - any singing I do in front of ppl...
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    Capo or no capo?

    Sang a song with no capo, then a capo on 5. Could you give me your opinion on which is better? Any other advice appreciated. Brutal honestly appreciated as well. So far u guys have given a lot to work on, tried to work on opening up, dynamics, staying within limits, etc. Still shy but after...
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    Can I sing? - Tried to take advice from you guys on my last thread

    Hey all, hope all is well, So I posted a link on here for the first time a month or two back. Thank you all for the feedback. I was playing guitar tonight and thought about what you guys said in comments. Decided to pull out my phone and record a song and try to do what you guys suggested...
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    Guitar and a song, would like honest opinion por favor

    Hey everyone... Anyone lol Hope all is well. Basically just grabbed my guitar pushed record on my cell phone and sang a song. Sang kinda quiet bc I didn't want the neighbors to hear me hah But ya, looking for honest feedback on whether or not I sing decent enough to take a turn if people are...