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    Buyig mini midi keyboard

    Hey I'm thinking to buy a mini midi keyboard which can be useful for finger drumming as well as playing, I already have an m-audio keystation 61 for 2 hand playing. I use Ableton Live for making music. I have the following in my mind 1. Akai MPK Mini Mk3 2. Arturia Minilab Mk2 3. Launchkey...
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    random mix feedback

    I need mix feedback on this practice cover track I made, also include suggestions on where I went wrong and how I could correct it. Janam Janam(practice jam) by NJAM | Free Listening on SoundCloud P.S: Please don't mind the singing :facepalm: Thanks.
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    just a jam

    Kabhi Jo Badal jam by NJAM | Free Listening on SoundCloud I was thinking to upload my good practice jam sessions in sound cloud. Let me know your thoughts. Constructive Criticism is most welcome.
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    Need mix feedback

    Hey there, I need feedback to improve my mix. I used Ableton Live 10 to make this track. Would be great if you suggest some advanced techniques to use in that DAW I'm pretty new to it actually. Here's the link. BTL Mix3 by Nikhil Joshua | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    My new song! please give a feedback on the mix.

    Chitrala vade by Nikhil Joshua | Free Listening on SoundCloud Hey people! Thought of asking you guys a feedback before releasing this song.
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    My best take until now.

    Anymore suggestions for improvement, this is the best I could sing as of now. As the deer by nikhiljoshua | Nikhil Joshua | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Need feedback on this mix

    Mdyk mix by Nikhil Joshua | Free Listening on SoundCloud hey guys need you feedback and suggestions on improving this mix. Thanks
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    Well no need of explanation, constructive criticism on my voice please!

    Here you go! Tell me where I am good and where I have to improve. Thanks.
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    Hello I need a mix feedback to improve my track and learn new skills

    Hey I'm not new to producing music but I have less skill so please don't get angry by listening to my tracks, I'm open to constructive criticism. So I need a feedback on this track.