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    Please help me with this mix

    Please help me with the mix of this song...any suggestion is heartily welcome Thanks in advance.
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    Please help me with this mix

    Please help me fix the mix of this song. Any suggest is valuable to me. Thank you so much in advance.
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    I am lost!!! Please help me to mix this song.

    Tracks include: 1. Tabla 2. Dholak 3. Digital Drum 3. Shakers 5. Duff 6. 2 guitars 7. Bass 8. Sarangi 9. Key- Strings 10. Male vocal 11. Female harmony vocal I am lost and I dont know how this mix sound. Any suggestion to make this better will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.
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    Any suggestions for the mix of this song please!!!

    Any suggestion on the mix of this song please!!!!
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    Please comment on this Nepali song

    Please suggest me to improve on this track
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    free good string vst or wav?

    Are there any free good string vst or wav anywhere I can download?
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    How can I make this better? Any suggestion?

    How can I make this song better? Any input will be respected.
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    Please comment on this trial of Highway star

    Recorded through Focusrite Scarlett2i2 and Audio Technica 2035 for vocal. Line 6 GX for guitars and bass.
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    Suggestions on this mix

    I have covered Dream by Everly Brothers. I am not a good singer and I have gone out of tune at many places. Posting this just as my test for recording and mixing. Please suggest me what are bad about this mix so that I can improve my skills on mixing. Thank you for your valuable time...
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    Will Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 work in Pro Tools SE 9?

    Hi, I got Pro Tools SE 9 when I purchased Avid M-Audio Fast Track. I can record with M-Audio Fast Track in Pro Tools. I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 too with all CD bundle. I want to know will Focusrite work with the Pro Tools version I got with MAudio. Please let me know what I should do to...
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    Cubase sounds just go off

    At the time of playback, (while applying plugins or even just playback), the cubase sound just goes off but the pointer is still moving. After I do reset or reselect or whatever in VST connections or device set up, the sound comes back as if a switch was turned off for a while. Why this is...
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    Why my cubase is recording only one side?

    I used Cubase with Line6 GX, it was working fine. Now I joined Focusrite Scarlett for pre-amp. Now when I record, its recording only one side. Why this happened? Please help me.
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    Presonus FireStudio Firewire

    I have firewire port in my computer. I was wondering whether I have to install a driver for firewire port first or I can directly connect the Presonus Firestudio mobile device into it. And how can I use it in Cubase? Anyone any suggestion?
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    Am I in the correct path for mixing?

    If the above link didn't work
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    Am I in the correct path for mixing?

    I am just learning to do recording and mixing. Here's the link of the song without vocal. Is this track mixing good? Any suggestion is heartly welcome.
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    Are there other effect plugins for Cubase SX3?

    I am using Cubase SX3. Is there any way so that I can use more compressor, EQ and reverbs other than those available in mine? Can I pull effects plugins from Cubase 4 and higher? Or can I use any other software which can be used along with Cubase? Please help me with your valuable suggestions.
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    What's wrong in this? suggestions

    Its a cover song original by the Beatles. Testing recording at home. Please give me suggestion to make the vocal and guitars sound good.
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    Comments on this one

    What is wrong in this song? What needs to be added or removed to mix them together?
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    What is wrong in this one?

    Music track is a mastered karaoke track. I am experimenting to mix vocal with the music track. They do not blend together. What is needed to be done for the vocals? Any suggestion?
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    Effects for vocals

    What effects are good for a decent vocal track? I used some reverb 40m room, 1.8ms and 8% mix. Its not sounding good. What shall I use?