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    Beginner help with midi foot control for Ableton

    Hi guys. I’m learning to control Ableton Live with my Alesys Photon X25 and have a basic understanding of how to map controls. My setup has the X25 plugged into my Komplete Audio 6 with a midi cable. I have a momentary (sustain) foot pedal plugged into the appropriate input on the X25 and...
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    Getting setup and about collab

    Hi all, I posted an intro a ways back. Since then my setup has been torn down and shipped through three countries as I tackled work assignments. I've finally settled in the US and have plugged everything back in. I'm a (beginner) guitarist and have some pedals, a multi effects processor...
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    Alesis Photon X-25

    Hi all, I have the Alesis Photon X-25 (Sorry Can't post links or images yet) alesis photon x25 driver mac and choose the first hit - emusician And I'm using it with a Komplete Audio 6, Macbook Pro and Live 9 Intro There are no "drivers" as such though I did find some for the WinTel...
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    Some help with Ableton Live 9 Intro

    Hi guys, I'm making good progress with Ableton Live Intro but I don't know what I do and don't have. When I installed it probably a couple of years ago I downloaded all the packs and also added my Amplitube plugins and who knows what else - I got sample tank and various other free/intro level...