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    Trying to Make This Right, but Running Blind

    Thanks, great feedback! I will definitely listen for those and tweak if I hear the same. Which guitar part on the left do you mean...verse, chorus, outro, or overall?
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    All Day Long - Mix advice

    Really great sound and style and catchy songs too! The mix is good too, the only thing I could say is that it is a bit bright overall and seems to be missing some lower end, especially in the drums.
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    Trying to Make This Right, but Running Blind

    So I've been mixing these tracks for years it seems like and finally to a point where I am content with how they sound. I will be releasing an album later this year, so need all the feedback I can get before I set them in stone. Any critiques welcome! 1st Track:
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    Acoustic Rock Ballad

    I'm putting out an 8 song album and would like some feedback on one of my mixes. How's the overall sound? Anything obvious popping out at you that needs correction? Thoughts on the song itself? Thanks for listening! Make This Right by Eric B | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Acoustic rock/emo fans out there?

    I figured I'd upload this to Soundcloud and make it easier to view. Looking for any feedback and second opinions on this. I'll be working on a 2nd mix and playing around with the compression, because I believe that's where I'm having the most trouble. So let me know what you think...
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    Critique my mix please!

    So this is the first mix in my most recent recording project, which is recording a handful of songs I've written over the years. After listening for months and months to this I could use some other ears on it, so check it out and I'm interested to hear your feedback, thanks! Extra credit...