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    "May" -- New Song..please need feedback on Mix thanks!

    May by brandonbroderick | Brandon Broderick | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    "Mountain Girl"--Tips and Critique on mix please!

    Hey guys, looking for feedback on this one, thanks!
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    Falling (thoughts?)

    Here's a new one I wrote and recorded in a few hours. All and any thought appreciated. Thanks.
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    Losing You--Feedback and help

    Here's another new one. This one I feel is missing something, or maybe I've just listened to it too much. Thoughts much appreciated.
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    Memories (FEEDBACK!!)

    New one, very sparse.
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    This Road (What do you think??)

    Another song I created and would love any kind of feeback for. Thanks.
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    Looking for feedback on Mix, and Song in general (Bed Of Roses)

    Here's a song I wrote and recorded, mixed and mastered myself. Looking for any and all feedback. Thanks so much guys.
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    "Heart Of Fire"--Feedback, please please?

    Thanks for all feedback!
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    "Your Train"--Need some feedback!

    Just finished this one up, need some critique on the song, mix or master job. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!
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    The WInd (New SOng) Neeed Feedback

    This song is going to be on my upcoming album, recorded it all myself as well as (mixed and mastered) to the best of ability. Thoughts? I swear I'll return the advice favor and help anyone who is a pure beginner, as I've been doing this for a few years now. I appreciate the feedback!
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    New Song Honey

    Recorded this with Boss BR 1600CD and then mixed and did some DIY mastering in Reaper: Thoughts? The biggest challenge was getting it to be louder obviously.
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    "The Show"--Need fresh ears and some help with this

    First time really getting serious about mixing my band's stuff. I need serious critique on this. Help me out. Thanks!
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    Critique my mix

    So here's a mix of a song. No vocals yet, I'm trying to get it sounding the best it can before laying those down. Help me out. Thanks. "The Show" Song is attached.
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    New Song, Feedback would be great!

    My band Cotton put this out yesterday, our friend had done the mixing and mastering up in NYC. Check it out. Any feedback appreciated: New Cotton Single!! Now and Then by cottonband on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Preorder the album now, here! (pay what you want!)...
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    Live Show Recording Outside

    Hey so I recorded my band outside on our gig on Sunday, let me know what you think of the mix. I used a BOSS BR-16 00 Digital HDD Recorder, only 2 mics on the drums (overhead, kick). Rutgers Unite Marathon (04.17.11) | Cotton
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    Boss br1600 help!!! Please!!!

    Hey, so I recorded my band's gig over the weekend, got all the levels good. I was recording all 8 tracks at the same time (multi-track). When I booted it up at home, the recording was all there except for Track just dissapeared, and there is no light flashing there either, (every other...
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    Do I have a decent voice? What should I work on?

    100% Cotton Here are some songs I recorded at a live acoustic performance using SM-58s and direct inputs into a BOSSBR16--CD Digital recorder. Let me know how much voice is and what areas I should work on improving. Thanks again.
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    Critque of mix and songs! First two songs on the player are brand new, "Down I Go Again" and "Double E" check em out.
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    Ok. So I have a Behringer PMH880S Powered Mixer--8 Channels, etc. I recorded my band's live show today using the Main L and R outputs fromthe mixer and sending them to my Boss BR1600CD Digital Recorder. The recording clipped like crazy, all distorted. What happened? Every other mixer I've used...
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    Recording Live Show

    So I have a Boss1600CD 8 Channel Recorder. I'm trying to do live sound for my band as well as record the show. We need a total of 13 channels. Here's what I'm trying to do, can I do it without blowing my recorder? I'm using a behringer 8-channel mixer for Bass and 4 Vocals which will record...