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    "Sweet Marguerita" (Who We Are)

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    ... just wrapped up the new Who We Are album With our guitarist finishing his slide guitar part on this piece - we're done! If anyone has any comments or even mix questions as to how things were done, please feel free to ask! Also - a BIG shout out to those who chimed in with...
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    Overtime (Every Now and When)

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    Feeling Low - Jazz Blues Rocker from "Who We Are"

    I married some practice video to the studio audio - and covered it all up w/ effects. :D
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    Album Drop: Who We Are "Every Now and When" Started early October 2019, over a year in its making, slowed enormously by covid times, we approach issuance ... inches away from a full wrap. Enjoy, comment if anything strikes you, ask questions about how anything was done (I...
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    Who We Are "Brown Haired Ordinary Looking Girl"

    Remix for final release off of new collection, "Every Now and When"
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    "Sweet Marguerita" by "Who We Are" Covid slowed us down, and we've been trying to wrap up our new collection of original material in fits and starts ... but slowly/gradually we're ticking off the remaining parts needing finishing. This one needs a slide guitar in the...
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    New video from WHO WE ARE: "Lover who won't"

    Also made with HD stock footage found free on the net ... assembled in Studio Director 16
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    Last track of new release ... "Feeling Low"

    10 Feeling Low by Who We Are | Free Listening on SoundCloud New version by my new band. Although I wrote it, we brought in a new singer ... and I think he's got the right timbre for the material. I kind of liken it to Daltrey of The Who. I cannot imagine Townsend singing all his own material...
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    "Chain Lightning" Steely Dan Cover by "Who We Are"

    We've actually been working in the studio on new original material, but we've got a gig coming up in a week, and so we're working on new cover material to play there. This is a new one we added ... filmed and tracked while we were working our parts out.
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    No feedback required - just sharing w/ friends - Who We Are - "Brown Haired Girl"

    No feedback required - just sharing w/ friends - Who We Are - "Brown Haired Girl" Brown Haired Girl by Who We Are | Free Listening on SoundCloud This was a fun one. Last Monday morning, about 6 am, long story short, I had a dream ... and some guy was singing this song in a church hall. You...
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    Eagles Tune from end of yesterday's practice

    Hope you like. We were tired.
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    A little TP's "Free Falling" for your Thanksgiving viewing

    It's a little tricky doing this as a 4 piece ... but hopefully we pulled it off. This is was from practice last Tuesday -- live off the board. Happy Thanksgiving from "Who We Are"!
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    "By the way ... which one's Pink?" My band live from the basement.

    If folks would like to know how this was done ... ask away. Happy to answer any/all questions. You can actually see most of the mics used -- and they're on the drums. 8 channels tracked. There is substantial bleed, accordingly. The bass, electric guitar and 12 Str are all going in direct and...
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    Busy -- but happy playing live: Tom Petty Cover "Wildflowers"

    Hey folks! Hope all is well! I joined a band and in addition to playing original music, we do covers. This is a quick one from practice last night straight off our mixing console. Any all comment -- but for me screwing up the vocal...
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    Pink Floyd-ish side project ... Quick ditty ... stream of consciousness recording ... making shit up on the fly. The drums were the last insertion. Everything was done prior to their add. :D