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    Help w/mini pushbuttons.

    I have my Ensoniq ZR76 apart and need to replace switches. I bought ten. I don't see how to remove or replace them. The leads do not come through the boards. I don't see how you would unsolder them and replace them. The only solution I see is to clip the leads at the front of the board and...
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    Ensoniq ZR-76 mechanically stuck key, help!

    I am a newbie at this so if I don't know the names of everything please bear with me. I have a ZR-76 with a stuck black key. I have the whole keyboard apart, I also had to replace some other parts. I have the action out and the key off. I cleaned the key and I cleaned the post the front of the...
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    I left the lyrics out!

    had to take this down here. Don't worry, I will never post another on this site. If I could delete the thread I would. Maybe a moderator will do it for me.
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    [SOLVED] another new one

    Had to take it off, causing too much controversy here. You won't see another one posted here. If I could delete the thread I would, maybe a moderator will do it for me.
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    Latest stab at it, mp3 w/video

    MOONSHINERS BLUES - YouTube have at it.
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    MP3 w/video

    My latest stab at it. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY - YouTube
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    I have plenty

    of instrumentals but it seems I keep writing the same lyrics over and over in a sense. I usually write the music first and let it dictate the lyrical content. I haven't worked to hard at it lately though. About to retire soon and can put in a little more effort. What you put in is what you get...
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    Anyone using Blender?

    I have been using it for a bit, could always learn more tricks and sometimes need help along the way.
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    My latest attempt

    A collage
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    Is anyone using a Linux OS?

    Asking for a friend. Thanx
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    HD 24s

    Anyone still recording with HD 24s?
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    Kinda new here, poking around.