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    First Mix with Beyerdynamics prior to using earbuds; Mixing Feedback much appreciated

    As stated in the title, this is my first song using actually good headphones; since it might take some time to get adjusted how does the mix sound? Is the mix too low/high? Much appreciated.
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    Are the Artifacts noticible in this track?

    SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds If the artifacts (little annoying high end sounds) are audible is there any tips on mixing to avoid artifacts (that I guessing comes from the compression Soundcloud does)? Thank you and much appreciated!
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    feedback much appreciated on whether vocals are mixed well or not

    disclaimer: these are not my vocals but Post Malone's haha Post. - Post Malone Flip (Trecian) by Trecian | Free Listening on SoundCloud Are the vocals too muddy over all the instruments? Thanks for the help!
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    Constructive feedback appreciated for this 'genre-less' track

    Novella by Trecian | Free Listening on SoundCloud Novella - YouTube How is the levels of everything? Is anything muddied (especially the vocals towards the end)? thank you :thumbs up:
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    Mixing Feedback on new Track

    Digital Odyssey by Trecian | Free Listening on SoundCloud Really curious how the mix sounds to fresh ears. Any criticism is much appreciated ?
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    Just posted new Instrumental, Mixing Help would be Appreciated

    Like in the title, I'm kinda iffy on the mix on the bass throughout the track so tips/suggestions on that would be awesome Also, if you want, let me know if the tempo should be sped up or not, thanks :guitar:! Jamaican Frustration by TreJay_Music | Tre Jay Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Would Love Help With Mixing on My Instrumental

    This is my most recent track and as stated in the title, some help on the mixing would be awesome. And if you guys can give me tips on the mixing that'd be great as well. Thanks in advance :listeningmusic: War Chant by TreJay_Music | Tre Jay Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud YouTube