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    Demagnetizer options for several machines

    I'm looking for a demagnetizer for my Tascam 388, but will also want to use it on my Tascam 246 4 track, Roland Space Echo & various cassette players. Is a Han-D-Mag overkill for the cassette stuff? Would a Teac E1 work or is the E3 the safest bet for an all round demag due to its shape & size?
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    Recapping Monitor PCB in a Tascam 388

    So the link on tapeop to Sweetbeats recap thread is dead and I’m looking to recap the audio cards and monitor pcb of my 388 I’ve got a mouser list for the audio cards but wondering how to figure out what needs to be replaced on the Monitor PCB. ive never recapped anything before so I’m keen to...
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    Tascam 388 - Hi Pitch sound from headphones / stereo out,

    Me again! So further on the same problem of my 60hz hum, there's also a high pitched sound when I crank the outputs, which is audible in my mixdowns. I swapped the tape over to my spare 388 and luckily it's not on the recording, just in the monitoring & recording down of the audio. Anyone...
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    Wattage requirement for the Tascam 388? Looking for a step down transformer.

    Hi, I've got a 60hz hum going with my tascam 388 and think it's the crummy step down transformer i'm using (USA machine 120v to Australian 240v). We've got a place in Australia that makes great transformers, but just trying to figure out my wattage requirement before ordering. The manual...
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    Listening to the track you’re punching in on the Tascam 388

    Big newb question but I’ve followed the manual and figure this mightn’t be possible but can you listen to the track you’ve got armed to punch in on until you hit record? Or do you just need to have the selector switch in Line or Mic mode and not hear the previously recorded track?
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    388 Track 5 'Right' pan doesn't work till I crank audio into it

    I've read about this issue before, but now it's happening with my machine. Basically, Track 5 will intermittently only playback in the Left channel, but if I hard pan it right, turn up the volume and eqs it'll break it free of whatever problem it has. Track 1 also does this, but no where near...
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    Replacing Power Supply of 110v Tascam 388 with a 240v supply

    I thought i'd post a seperate chat to not confuse my other thread. I've got 2 x 388s, one on USA voltage, and one Australian. My USA voltage unit is the better one, so I want to swap it's Power Supply with the Australian one, as that's where it'll be used and i'd love to not use an external...
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    Tascam 388 - Track 7 & 8 not recording

    So I got my hands on a Tascam 388 and I recorded a test tone across all 8 tracks to test how it works and found a few issues; All the meters read the tone input but track 7 & 8 didnt record the tone. I tried plugging directly into 7 & 8s inputs and also routing it to 7 & 8 from input 1 but no...