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    Instant Digital Recording Devices?

    Hi everybody, does anybody know if there is something you can get that can digitally record audio instantly like a cassette recorder, but digital? I have a Tascam DP-004 pocket studio digital 4 track but the problem with it is it’s very very time consuming to use. First you have to set up the...
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    Ear Protection & Drums. How Loud Is Too Loud?

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had any advice about what level of decibel is safe to play without ear protection? In band practice I stand pretty near to the drum kit as it’s a pretty small practice space and it’s on my right side, so I pretty much hear it all in my right ear. Our drummer...
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    Wireless Headphones for Computer Recording?

    Hi, there is no particular forum for this subject but I thought MIDI was closest because it’s computers. Does anybody know if you can get wireless headphones and set them up so that when you play in your computer they work regardless of whether you have the audio output device set as built in...
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    Microphone For Room Recording Drum Kit?

    Can anybody suggest what would be a good microphone for recording the room when a drum kit is playing? Suggestions would be welcome for recording just the drum kit or the whole band playing with a drummer. Actually, what we’re trying to do is record a band practice, drums, guitar, bass and...
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    Mixer to Mic a Drum Kit?

    Hi everybody, this might not be a question about drums, it might technically be about mixers, but I want to use a mixer with at least 8 XLR inputs to mic a drum kit and send the whole kit to a PA in stereo so the panning is retained. I looked at the Behringer mixers with that many XLR inputs...