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    How to Use Launchpad X with Ableton

    This is a Launchpad X Ableton tutorial presented by Xylo Aria of MPW:
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    Fire RnB Beat made with Free Alpha

    Pretty much what you see in the video + like 5-10 minutes of arranging and mixing.
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    How to market your music in general?

    Post and upload everywhere all the time.
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    Fire RnB Beat made with Free Alpha

    I used nothing the Free Alpha VST to make this beat: Download Free Alpha: Free Alpha (Synth, Synth Analogue/Subtractive) • Audio Plugins for Free
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    Eminem Type Beat - Ice Me Up

    Mixing analysis needed:
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    Violin Type Beat

    Made this chill violin type beat, let me know what you think:
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    Raid - Hard Trap Beat

    I believe this was mixed and mastered pretty well but would love some feedback:
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    The Ancient Wave

    So I've been studying some music alchemy / ancient sounds. One of the cool instruments I started incorporating is the harp. I got that from ancient Egypt. The harp has such a smooth sound: Now this session was just really wavy, really trying to create dope sounds from scratch. I layered the...
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    Ocean Bae

    I had a lot of fun making this beat, just wanted to show you guys the process: Here's the final beat, I called it "Ocean Bae", feedback greatly appreciated:
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    Best Sites to Upload Music

    I made this video summarizing what I believe to be the best sites worth your time. Time is money with a lot of these choices. Let me know what you guys think:
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    How to Sell Beats Online Successfully

    I made this video for you guys, watch it if you're struggling to sell beats online:
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    Making a Spooky Type Beat

    Here's a cookup I did in FL Studio, really caught a spooky vibe: Here's the finished product: Stay creepy yall ✌️
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    "Dream" (Feedback Needed)

    Would love some feedback!
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    "Tip Top" (Retro Music)

    Would love some feedback!