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Thread: Voice delivery - tips?

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    Voice delivery - tips?

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    I rap and I home record with a Neumann TLM 103 condenser mic. I'm having trouble with delivery in that the recordings are not what I want. I have a concept in my head of what I want the song to sound like, but I don't know how to fully execute it. I don't think my delivery is bad, but it's just not what I'm 100% going for. For example, in acting, there is improv and a structured script performance. I feel like I am at an improv level while though it might be good, it's not a movie script level. These examples I've included are a similar style of my music (see links below). What's in my head is like the studio version; what comes out and gets recorded is the live version, while personally I think it's good, it's not the same performance as the studio version. I know mixing can change a lot - but I don't think this is a mixing issue (I don't mix). Does this make sense? How do I get more control on my delivery? How do execute my concepts from my head to the recordings?

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    NF - All I Have - YouTube


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    Quote Originally Posted by ccmcgc View Post
    I know mixing can change a lot - but I don't think this is a mixing issue (I don't mix)
    It most likely is.
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