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Thread: Too much reverb

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    Too much reverb

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    I keep adding too much reverb and over compressing vocals when Iím editing voice. Any advice or tutorial links to getting a big sound that doesnít sit on top of the mix or sound too wet? UGHHHghssksksk

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    For compression, you'll have to play with the attack/release, threshold and ratio to find what you're looking for. There aren't really any hard and fast rules about applying compression. If the results sound too compressed, try a lower ratio and back off on the threshold. Also a faster attack tends to sound more compressed than a slightly slower attack.

    For reverb, a not-so-secret "trick" is the Abby Road reverb technique. If your reverb is on a send, put an EQ before it and hi-pass it at about 600 Hz and lo-pass it at about 10kHz. That doesn't work if it's an insert on the vocal channel since the EQ would also affect the dry vocal signal. But on a send, it'll only affect the reverb.

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    The corollary of "never say never" is "don't always say always" BUT when I'm mix (in post) live recordings, I do always buss all the instruments (except bass, usually) together and put a neutral/colorless compressor on that buss side-chained to vocal(s). Now, I don't always use it, but I will typically flip it on and off and touch the threshold and compression levels (keeping it on fast attack and release), and listen. This can keep the vocals from getting trampled on right at the places where it's trying to get through, like on the initial consonants and parts where the vocals get louder, but too typically (especially with less experienced musicians), the music gets even louder!

    The other thing to play with (or even try first as it can be simpler) and listen is using a mix knob on your vocal compressor if it has one. This lets you try parallel compression, which might do something similar, in letting some vocal dynamics survive the compressor, but still do some squeezing.

    I use Logic's Space Designer for reverb, and as @Tadpui suggests, have it highpassed and lowpassed. I generally (but not always!) have a tiny bit of pre-delay on everything (~10ms) unless I trying to push something back and then I might set up another reverb send with 0 predelay.
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    Don't know if 'editing voice' might mean solo dialog or something.. I do full music mixing. But I usually take an approach..
    Start from doing all the basic stuff to make it as good as it can be w/o the effects and such.

    Then begin to explore where and when 'as needed. The approach being once you're in a decent place there', 'less' sounds good. Or more importantly 'too much would be harder to like..

    Do you need [much] compression for example? Track automation** is a very effective and The Natural sounding alternative.

    ** AKA.. 'mixing :>)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christicake View Post
    I keep adding too much reverb and over compressing vocals when Iím editing voice. Any advice or tutorial links to getting a big sound that doesnít sit on top of the mix or sound too wet? UGHHHghssksksk
    You have to start the mix with every instrument in mind, including vocals, so when you are mixing, you are placing each instrument in its own frequency filed and stereo 3D stereo field. Think of the mix,like a painting with depth and dimension

    Use complimentary EQ techniques and special panning techniques to do this.

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