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Thread: Sudden increase in "can I sing?" posts.

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    I would love to participate in the "Can I ..." but I really know nothing about singing. If I did, I would have no problem telling someone what they should do. If you really know how, it is easy to give feedback and say, you should do this or that. As it stands, all I can do is give my opinion, yea, I like it, no I don't, but that really means nothing.

    I've stated, lots of people have made good money who I think can't sing, what the heck do I know. Which is different from someone who really knows the technique of singing. Therefore, I just don't respond very much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steenamaroo View Post
    Heh, with a join date of 2016, you don't know the half of it!
    You'd have needed that rhino skin a year or two earlier!
    You whippersnappers don't know how good you have it! Back in my day, there was no "Can I sing forum" to honey pot the newbs, Greg_L was mean but usually right, Victory Pete was telling us all to put talcum powder on our guitar strings for 15 pages at a time!

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    For my 2 pen'oth? I think it is a "non-question". You can either "sing" or not but a bit more explanation...

    Some people just grow up singing. Lulu it is said was stood on tables in pubs at about 8 and belted out the standards of the day. She did not question her ability because people WANTED her to sing. Then, many people grow up in communities where singing is part of life, Welsh chapel for instance.

    When I was in a "group" (bass and technicals) not only did the lead singer sing but the 3 guitarists also put in harmony, it was the Beatles era FCS! We only lasted a year or so and only did local pubs but people seemed to put up with us so I suppose we could "sing a bit"?

    If you are alone as a bedroom wannabe artist and want to record songs, just do it. If you have a burning urge to sing you will probably be very good but if you just WISH you could sing (well) but seek the praise of others, you probably can't.

    I have NO idea if my voice is pleasant to others and no ambition to find out! One gift I do have however is the ability to learn lyrics very quickly and accurately and I have retained fragments for over 60 years. When my son was home I was forever startling him when he was chuncking out some old jazz standard because I would say "That's Stardust (e.g.)" He would respond "How the * do you know that!?" . Then I would sing a bit and tell him that for years I listened to the radio, every weekday lunchtime and all Saturday mornings (Uncle Mac). The stuff just sticks.

    So, bedroom peeps! If you want to know if you can sing start off by finding out if you can remember lyrics AND in the right order! Stardust is "got wrong" the most. "My way" (hate it) is another people THINK they know!


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    Cyclical. It's traffic on the site. Every little bit helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robus View Post
    Cyclical. It's traffic on the site. Every little bit helps.

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