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Thread: Reproducing that 80s sound

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    That 80's sound. Part 80s gear. Part 80s production techniques. Part what sounds were fashionable at the time.
    Maybe some of that 'warmth' you mentioned had to do with most processing being 16 bit. A bit more grainy to my ear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndotpizza View Post

    A good example of what I'm talking about is the Knight Rider intro (I'm not allowed to post links, just YouTube "Knight Rider intro", first result). The dialogue has a very colorful sound to it. Although Knight Rider is an extreme example, everything produced back that seemed to have that quality, to an extent.
    K.I.T.T 's voice was vocoded. I would imagine the post sound production team was coloring the dialog with a 'coder of some sort.

    I watched Air Wolf. That String Fellow..Always saving the day.

    There is nothing more 80's than the vocoder. Most DAW include them for free as a VST. It is one easy way to add any tone to your voice.

    NO VOCAL ability or talent necessary. Just have fun singing, playing melodies. There are probly 20 different versions of keyboard breath to apply to the vocal information at least in my Fantom there are. That is going to change how the voice sounds. The vocoder has bands for where it isolates. Otherwise the vocal will sound very similar person to person. Great for backups during a chorus or to mix back with a talented vocalist. Back in the 80's when autotune didnt exist they were the best thing since sliced bread. My band coded everything. Even the drums.

    Here clips. Just direct, 100% wet. I m not the wizard you expected, but I might just be the wizard you need. Oz.
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