I've been reading the lyrics threads and found some great stuff. It is some times less than effective to get your inflection and tone across with this.
I write poetry and songs and I find my style is VERY different in each. With just written word, you must give the reader a tone of voice that can' t be conveyed with any outside force (like the music behind it). Songs are different. They involve more and the lyrics can be less or more poiniant.

My suggestion being, a post of songs from the perspecive of how they become songs. I write with the guitar. I play alone almost always. I don't play out at all. every once in a while, a friend will drop by and we will hash it out for an hour or two but, my method and medium is solo.

If there is enough writers like this, I think it would be nice to get feedback on the songs we write, in the medium we write minus the tech stuff. No comments on the recording tech stuff or anything of that nature. Just songwriting and the mp3 posts to listen to.

This is hard cause it is close to other forums and threads so, we would have to make it clear that we are sharing song lyrics and ideas. Keep it simple. A vocal and an instrument. IF you've instrumentals, post elseware.

O.K. I've put out enough. Now you can refine, rip, refere, and regulate.