Hello all,

Been reading the songwriting threads for a little while now..very good stuff here.

I'm a long time home recordist...full blown analog stuff...just recently into usin' the computer...and having some good luck with Acid Music for the multitrack...and Goldwave is a great Mixdown and editing tool.

Y'all have said everything right about new ideas...I mean, sure it's all been done before

But...I have been in a very creative stage lately, and maybe because I have been sequencing parts for so long now..I find that Acid is a great tool , to me anyways, for gettin' some new groove going.

Just load in a drum loop...just like building any tune...add some bottom and some tasty guitar chunks...most of my shit is funk based...try several different loops , and I betcha before long...something will start to come together.

It sure beats sitting there with guitar in hand, and trying to kick things off.

But, as I have found over the years, the key is to keep the mix sparse. That is...we are tempted to add part after part to fatten up the mix..~simply because we can~...

Just keep a simple groove going...plug yer guitar, or keys into the board and put your head back...something will happen.

Also, know that music is a form of creativity. I try to touch base with this inner creative spirit daily...it doesn't matter to me if it's top forty stuff , or not..doesn't even matter to me if no one ever hears it...just let it out. Hell, I am even singing like crazy these days..and, I don't even have a great voice...I mean, it doesn't suck...but it doesn't matter.

And...bam..in the last month..I produced and recorded nine new songs...collaborated with some folks...dusted off some old shit...and put it all on a tape...sent it to some friends, etc...and guess what...everyone's impressed. Most people only dream of doin' this stuff.

Just have fun...and stay creative. Of course, a lost love affair , ahem...is excellent fodder for some new tunes..but we won't go into that one.

Great site...great board..sorry to be so lengthy