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Thread: Liability (lorde) I Attempted to recreate the vocal mix for my cover

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    Liability (lorde) I Attempted to recreate the vocal mix for my cover

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    I spend way too much time on this one and a bit proud of it as a result does anyone else get lost mixing tracks and hours go by? Anyway for this cover I tried to mix it to sound as close to the way the vocals were mixed in the original track -

    Original song -

    My cover - (YouTube link)
    - (soundcloud)

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    Yes I get lost as many of us do so that is not unusual. I listened to your youtube recording. I really like your voice and I'm sure many others will as well. If your recording sounds like that on everything you play it on I think you deserve better. it's overall very dark, 'm hearing good things if mixed differently. I'm sure there are people here who may be willing to remix this song for you free of charge just for the practice. I may be willing to do so if you can get me the files and are in no big hurry. That being said good job on the piano and vocal. It is eally hard to ruin a good performance, All you can do is make it sound better. That is a really nice place to be.

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