i am looking for colaborators!

i make lots of music, and i am just becoming
involved in professional sound design.
i love working on songs with others.
all kinds of tunes:
from sweet folky songs, to video game soundtracks,
ballads, punk rock, reggae, and rap,

(almost) A N Y T H I N G G O E S.

please write me, we'll discuss..

my name is roger (rogartmusic@aol.com)

i am a recent graduate of
the Rhode Island School of Design.
i also have a team of musical superfriends:
the metronome drummer, the composition major, the teckno guy, etc.

the only genre that i'm not so interested in is
the JAM / FUNK / or / METAL style (phish, limp bizkit..urg)

looking for quality songs, exited, inspired people
making sounds for the future.
hit me up with an email!