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Thread: Any singers have issues with nasal polyps?

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    Any singers have issues with nasal polyps?

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    I have had issues with nasal polyps for around a year. Those are harmless growths in the nose if anyone is wondering.

    I think it is affecting my singing? When I sing it feels like it is difficult to get the words out. It feels that the nasal polyps are blocking the flow of air. In the morning, I have drainage when I start to speak or sing.

    I am scared I won't be able to sing anymore. I went to a ear, nose and throat doctor who told me that a lot of the time the growths come back after surgery.

    Any singers had issues with this and did anything help?

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    I have not heard of nasal polyps. Vocal nodes, but not nasal polyps.

    Blocking the flow of air in or out? If it's in you might be able to adjust your breathing technique. If it's out, then you're probably singing through your nose, which is weird technique anyway.

    What are the risks to the surgery besides it working?

    Honestly, the first step I'd really recommend is talking to a vocal coach to see if you can get some technique advice to work around it. Nodes are generally caused by something you're doing hurting your voice. If it's a similar case, fixing that might help the problem heal on its own.

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