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Thread: Would appreciate advice on improving my tone

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    Would appreciate advice on improving my tone

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    Hello. I've been practising singing for 3 months now. Would appreciate advice improving my tone. I can't post a sample yet but i think my voice is thin lacks richness and resonance. It just doesnt sound pleasant. Thanks.

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    There's a lot to be said for practicing and as a singer, it's particularly important because you're not likely to get away with not being able to carry a tune.
    It's hard to comment really, because at present, no one can hear what you sound like. You might hate your voice or think it's weedy and thin whereas many others might like it. The opposite might also be true, that you think you sound amazing but many others wince at its shortcomings.
    Get involved in other forums on the board and then let's hear that voice....

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    As a person that's tone deaf and can't sing (yet I do anyway), I certainly can't give advice on how to improve your voice.

    What I can say is, keep singing. If there are artists you want to sound like, imitate them. BUT, if it doesn't come natural then it's probably not for you. There are things you can tweek and they sound great. But, there are many things that are natural to certain artists, when people try to imitate them, it sounds forced and awful. Singers are not one size fits all. I knew a singer once who desperately wanted to sound like Paul Westerburg. So, he smoked none stop and drank till he slurred hoping for that raspy throaty sound. He never obtained it. He had his own unique sound, it just wasn't as good as Westerburg. But, seriously who is?

    Keep singing. You'll find the voice and tone that fits you.

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