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Thread: Sorry, another how can I improve thread.

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    Had a listen to 4 or 5 of your clips just now.

    Good, round, balanced tone, imo. It carries the right vibe for the songs you are singing. I particularly liked "Why Worry".

    I think that something to work on would be the higher notes. I can hear a slight faltering on those notes, and your tone comes in a smidgen late. That is symptomatic of low breath support.

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    All you singists? Buy a copy of the current (July) issue of Sound on Sound.


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    Hi guys - it's been a while and I'm still trying

    I'm really enjoying things musically at the moment. I'm constantly learning, and I'm even trying different genres of music - why? - because I want to really. I'm starting to get more into the mixing of the songs after I've recorded them - mastering I can't seem to understand - maybe because it's all about making small tweaks here-and-there, and I guess that the quality of my monitors, my ears, are not quite good enough so I personally don't see a difference after the mastering process (yes, I know it's not supposed to be majorly different but as my time is pretty limited, taking an hour to add a little bit of shine to a finished track doesn't do it for me. I'd prefer to spend that hour smashing out some more songs).

    Anyway, This is one that I finished yesterday: Home Is Where It Starts by Random-Tangent | Random Tangent | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    And last week I tried something completely different (mainly because I bought myself a AKAI MPK and wanted to play with it): True Love Flies by Random-Tangent | Random Tangent | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    ^^ both of these could do with some more 'work' but I tend to leave things pretty raw on purpose, as when I try and make some monumental masterpiece I just end up messing things up.

    Amazingly looking at my soundcloud account my first track was 'published' 7 years ago Listening to some of the ones from so far back I don't know why I even thought that they sounded good enough for people to listen to. Drowned in reverb !!! I admit that I still do use reverb on all of my vocals, probably still too much, but it's like an addiction lol. I'm slowly removing it though.
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