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Thread: House of the Rising Sun

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    House of the Rising Sun

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    Hey, sorry for looking awkward never recorded myself before or sang infront of anybody! Just looking for a bit of feedback, how can I improve what do you like/ don't like?

    Thank you!

    House of the Rising Sun - YouTube

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    Hi.....and welcome to the forum! sounds like you have a voice that can work and do some good vocals. As's obvious that you're not an experienced singer and you have all the traits of someone who's just beginning to explore his talent.

    To start could work on your voice "projection". In a're sort of singing only from your throat it seems............and that's not going to put the sound or dynamics that you want into your performance. That's a very common beginners' mistake. Your tempo and meter are actually very good.......with only an occasional timing issue. Practice will cure that. So...keep recording yourself and do your best to listen back to your results with an unbiased ear. The more you hear the more you can improve. Your voice tone is very you have lots to work with. Go for it.
    Just A Song Writer..........

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    Youre voice is awesome.
    Im serious. Wouldnt say that if I didnt think so.

    Only thing Id say is work on your strum pattern

    Great voice man

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