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Thread: Can i become a good rock/metal singer?

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    Can i become a good rock/metal singer?

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    I always wanted to become a rock/metal singer but i dont know if i can sing. How does my voice sound? Does it sound crap? Btw i also play guitar and drums.

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    Howdy Simpan.

    I think you've got enough of a voice to get where you want to be. I hear some good tonal qualities which fit right in with the style you're presenting here.
    You'll need more control of your voice - a short course of singing lessons would improve it dramatically... give you some breath control.
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    Your voice has some very nice tonal qualities and has the potential to be a very pleasant voice to listen to. The problem is that your pitch is all over the map. I agree with spantini, some vocal lessons would be a big help to you along with some ear training. Now that I think about it, the ear training would probably be included in vocal lessons. Keep at it, like I said earlier, your voice has potential.
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    I would avoid the falsetto notes for now, they are a jarringly different timbre and out of tune. Just bring it down an octave where needed for now.

    Your basic voice sounds good for what you're doing. The energy level is right on. I'd also say, practice long tones with good support from below. This will also help keep you from going hoarse, if that's a problem.

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