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Care for Me- Saba
Mothership Connection- Parliament Funkadelic
Raise- Earth, Wind, & Fire
Around The World In A Day- Prince
Who Is Jill Scott?- Words and Sounds, Vol.1- Jill Scott
Save Rock and Roll- Fall Out Boy
Straight Outta Compton- N.W.A
The Velvet Rope-Janet Jackson
+1 on reviving the dead thread. Some threads are worth bringing back to life. Some deserve a horrible cruel fate and a premature demise. But not this one.

1. Ruff and Ready in Outer Space-Uknown
2. Clouds (single)-Judy Collins
3. Freewheeling'-Bob Dylan
4. Tonights the Night-Neil Young
5. Send Me A Lullaby-The Go Betweens
6. Pink Flag-Wire
7. Unknown Pleasures-Joy Division
8. Eye-Robyn Hitchcock
9. Telephone Free Landslide Victory Camper Van Beethoven
10. Stephen Malkmus ‎– Stephen Malkmus