Hi I wanted to share my upgrade adventure that I went through a few months ago. When I finally got around to paying for my upgrade to cuebase I could no longer run it on my mac pro. I couldn't upgrade OSX high enough on the computer.

So, I tried installing windows 7 64 bit professional.
It seemed like the something in the installer or the firmware prevented me from booting the windows 7 installation disk.
So I side stepped some things.

I bought an SSD hard drive. (thank god it came with a bracket I could use to mount it into the Mac Pro's drive bays)
Then I plugged it into my AMD computer I built (removing all of the other hard drives so it was only the CDROM and the new SSD drive.

Then I installed windows on it.

then I ran the command prompt in Administrator mode by right clicking the command prompt Icon in the start menu and selected the "run as Administrator"
then it gave me a command prompt at c:\windows\system32
I entered the sysprep directory by typing: cd sysprep
then I typed sysprep and hit enter.
then I got a dialog box. I clicked the box next to: "enter out of box expirience (oobe) "
then I selected shutown for the shutdown options, then I clicked the ok button.
once the system shut down, I removed the drive and plugged it into the mac pro (I removed all the other hard drives in the mac pro too)
once the apple firmware timed out, I got the familliar screen that I saw when I was installing windows 7: "Setup is getting ready to use..."
It loaded all the hardware. granted I had to get one driver, but most of the drivers were installed from the windows 7 disk.
It recognized all of my memory.
The only thing that I had to upgrade was the non standard controller on the cdrom. I used a SATA interface card and upgraded my eide CD-R/DVD drive to a SATA DVD burner.

I thought I share this for anyone that has one of these and what I did to get around of the "bricked" computer issue upgrading it.