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    Umc 204 hd

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    Just had it a day and here are some tests I have just done against the NI KA6. Both AIs were connected to this g6 i3 HP laptop W7 and running Samplitude SE8*.

    The baseline noise of the Behrry, mic amps at min gain was slightly better than the NI at -89dB fs pk compared to -87dB but the signal Jodrells about a lot. Both AIs sit below -100dB fs rms.

    Setting the gain for -20ish and inch from a Behrry XM8500 gave a noise level of -80pk for the KA6 and -76dB pk for the 204 when the mic was unplugged. The 204 has a bit more gain.

    Bottom line. The 204 would be fine with a 57/58 for VO work but maybe struggle a bit with a 7b and feeble voice?

    The 204 is very solid and I had little trouble setting it up. The driver download could be easier? "All Windows software" to me means drivers as well? It don't.

    Any other tests anyone wants done just shout. My time, energy and facilities are limited these days but I will do what I can.

    My son will likely be taking the AI with him back to France when he rocks up here in January.

    *Oh yes! I have ProX 3 but use 8SE for quick tests because I can set it up in a trice and the meters go down to -90dBfs with legends below that.


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