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Thread: Tascam DR-22WL performance

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    Tascam DR-22WL performance

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    There have been a couple of posts I think in the last month or so about the noise performance of these 'hand held' (don't) recorders? I therefore decided to do a very rough arsed test.

    The Tascam was setup on a dining chair some 400mm from the guitar and I have everything in the room turned off. The noise floor seem to be around -50dB fs and I would say that is mainly 'ambient' noise at 5:15pm bst? The recorder was set for 24 bits at 48kHz and the MP3 coded at Samplitude's highest level of 320k and top Q VBR.

    I make no apologies for the playing...been 'king years! The guitar is a very rough, small gut strung Spanish that I have replaced the machines on because they were jammed tf. New set of strings and it took me an hour to get it to 440 pitch and the D and B kept slipping. Best I could do but it was there really just to make some noise.

    Hope that is of interest to someone?

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