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Thread: Patchbay Labelling

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    Patchbay Labelling

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    Hey Everyone, I just release a brand new patchbay labelling program that does not require excel (like my previous version) and is FULLY MAC and PC COMPATIBLE!!! Let me know what you think. Aztec Patchbay Editor Pro !

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    Your post is in the wrong forum since you are selling a it will be considered SPAM.

    That aside...your screen shots only show one style of how does your software work for all the different styles/sized of PBs out there AFA properly spacing the text?

    I use narrow, 3-row TT bays, and unlike the ones shown in your screen shots, they don't have all that spare room above the points for labels...there are only thin, plastic covered "channels" for adding labels.

    TO tell the truth, I can get more mileage out of a typical Brother laser label maker. Not as much font/color options, but it works.

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    Back at the studio in Twitch, when I actually had to share the space with several other people, and we had like six patchbays in the rack, I built a database-driven web page on our home intranet. Drop down boxes let you pick an output and an input that you wanted to connect, and it told you which points on which patchbays needed to be connected. Some people refused to...err...couldn't... figure it out even then...

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