Is anyone here willing to record a couple minutes of feedback for me?

- The type of feedback you get when playing loud with high gain and when you mute all strings without fretting anything.

- Dry direct recording of humbucker in bridge position.

- 44.1 kHz 24-bit

- Please also hit some powerchords so I can use that for volume reference.

I'm looking for some guitar feedback to use with my own amp sim VSTs. I will use them for songwriting only, because I don't have the possibility to play loud at home. For the type of music I make it's really cool when you get that nasty kind of feedback during rests in riffs.

So I'm thinking if you have a recording space to be noisy and some time this won't be too much work.

I would love to hear if someone is willing to help me out. Please be careful with your ears though.