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    Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

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    Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

    Many people I know are familiar with this site, but I wouldn't want anyone to be left out. This site has archives of websites going back as much as two decades. Type in something like or and you'll be presented with the company web pages as they were years ago, including things like software upgrades and patches, manuals, spec sheets, photos, and other resources that are no longer available on the company's current site.

    Here's a for instance... a page from from 1997:

    Alesis Product Spotlight - (high res)

    Alesis is pretty good at keeping legacy info on their current site, but some things can only be found using the Wayback Machine. Other companies have no legacy info at all, and other companies are defunct, but you can find a wealth of info and resources browsing their achieved websites. So type in that web address as you know it now, or if it has changed, type in an address from an old box, brochure, manual, old magazine article, etc and see what you can find for your vintage product.

    Here's another for instance: Syntrillium Software, the makers of Cool Edit Pro, which is now Adobe Audition. Googling now will redirect you to Adobe. So use the Wayback Machine to find Syntrillium resources going back to 1998.

    Internet Archive Wayback Machine

    Have fun!

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    very cool, thanks!

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